Converge MidAmerica and Converge Southeast Merger

Thank you for visiting our landing page for the upcoming Special Business Meeting of the Delegates for the Converge MidAmerica Churches on October 21st, 2020. On this page, you will find a registration link (you must register to receive a ballot to vote), downloads for all the important documents, and links for the upcoming Q&A Zoom Meetings.

7 Steps in preparing for this historic vote.

1) Determine the number of delegates to represent your church:

CMA By-Laws allow for the following number of delegates from member churches or member church plants:

5.7.4 Attendance at Meetings. Members shall be represented at meetings of the Members by delegates selected by each Member. Each Member Church shall be entitled to three (3) delegates for the first fifty (50) members or less, and one (1) additional delegate for each additional fifty (50) members or major fraction thereof; provided, however, that no Member Church shall be entitled to have more than ten (10) delegates in total.

Each Member Church Plant shall be entitled to one (1) delegate. 

We recommend you choose board members and pastoral staff as your delegates.


Member Churches: 
3 delegates for the first 50 members or less
and 1 delegate per additional 50 members
totalling no more than 10 delegates

Church Plant:
1 delegate

2) Email the registration link to your selected delegates. 

3) Download and read the following documents:

4) Attend one of the upcoming Zoom Meetings for Q & A:

September 8, 2 pm CST (3 pm EST) – Combined Prayer Gathering
September 29, 2 pm CST (3 pm EST)
October 1, 2 pm CST (3 pm EST)
October 8, 7 pm CST (8 pm EST)
October 13, 2 pm CST (3 pm EST) – Combined Prayer Gathering
October 14, 2 pm CST (3 pm EST)

5) Contact any of the following Board Members you know for more information as well as the Executive team:

Executive Team

  • Gary Rohrmayer
  • Bryan Moak
  • Danny Parmelee

Board of Overseers

  • Jessy Padilla – Chairman
  • Jeff Forester – Vice Chairman
  • Kirt Wiggins – Secretary
  • Richard Wollard – Treasurer
  • Victoria Pipkin – Legal Counsel
  • Tim Beavis
  • Brian Coffey
  • Christopher Dodd
  • Jeff Dryden
  • Eric Moore
  • Darryn Scheske
  • Paul Urban

6) Be prepared to receive a virtual ballot on October 20.

7) Vote during the 24-hour period.

Vote between 11 am CST (12 noon EST) October 20 and 11 am CST (12 noon EST) October 21.