Converge MidAmerica | Southeast | Caribbean is passionate about planting churches.  You hear people say “Put your money where your mouth is.” Well, in the last 36 months we have given $892,000 in grant to new church planters! We have a revolving church planting grant structure where church planters are given grants to start their church after they launch their church they pay forward a portion of their offerings to fund new planters.

We also have a network of churches who financially support new churches.  We understand the amount of money and resources it takes to launch and sustain a new church.  We will help church planters to analyze their budgets and project their donor giving.  But even with healthy financial projections there is always a need for more financial resources for your church plant.  Especially important is the salary of a church planter.  We have found that if the church planter salary isn’t taken care of it reduces the amount of time they can be spending in the community, developing leaders, reaching the lost, and building the church.  

How is it possible for us to sponsor and give funding for church planting?  Over the years we have been a recipient of donations, bequeathments, and church planting foundation gifts.  This has created a pool of money that is given to church planters.  As these church planters launch their churches and become established they also give into this fund.  This church planting fund which we call “Pay it Forward” is a revolving fund that continues to fuel church planting.  Applying for a church planting grant is easy and we consider it a privilege to give funds to church planters. 

In addition to the grants we provide, we train our church planters on how to successfully raise funds so that they can focus on preaching, leadership development, discipleship, and community engagement.  

If you are a new church planter or considering planting a church lets start a conversation to see if there are ways that we can help resource what God has called you to.  Please reach out to us if you’re interested and learn more about our process here.

Interested in Church Planting Grants?