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Thanks for taking a look at the current church job openings within Converge MidAmerica | Southeast. We understand that pastoral placement and finding ministry employment can be a difficult process. We want to do more than help you find a church job, we want to help you find your calling! We care about making sure you thrive in your new position. Click on the button below to learn more about becoming a lead or senior pastor and we will help you assess your abilities and apply for many senior and lead positions in just a few clicks. Ministry opportunities are potentially available in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida and Georgia.  
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Senior / Lead Pastoral Roles

Our Invitation:

Are you called to lead a church whose members are committed to one another with a united heart to worship and serve God?Does serving in an urban neighborhood, “ripe for the harvest,” excite you for its potential?Established in 1892, and located two miles northeast of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, Berean Baptist is a church rich in history.Over the years, we have experienced ups and downs, joys and heartaches, and times of growth and decline.We have planted churches and supported missionaries throughout the world, including many sent from our own congregation.We are now searching for our next lead pastor to work alongside us to see what God would have us do for His kingdom.

Who We Are:

We are a congregation of around 200 people, including about 50 children and youth, who are excited for what the future holds.  We are empowered by the Holy Spirit, spending time invested in prayer, and rooted in Biblical truth.  Seeking the transformation of our thoughts and actions into the image of Jesus, we strive to mature as disciples who make disciples.  We are committed to developing and maintaining loving relationships both inside and outside our community of believers.  Partnering with an active congregation, are you challenged to lead, inspire, love, and equip us to accomplish God’s vision for our church?

Where We Are:

Berean is surrounded by an economically diverse population.  Our neighborhood is seeing a significant homeowner revitalization and growth spurred by the millennial demographic.  Our facility includes a beautiful sanctuary built in 1929, a large foyer (typically used for conversations long after our service has ended), a gymnasium and kitchen (also used for our neighborhood food pantry), and areas specifically designed for children and youth.  We share our facility with ministries including Urban Transformation Ministries, Navigators, and Bridge Street Ministries.  In close proximity to Cornerstone University and Theological Seminary and a number of other colleges and universities, we are also within driving distance of beautiful Lake Michigan.

Preferred Qualifications:
     *Experienced minister

     *Some master’s level preparation

     *Vision for church revitalization

     *Passion for and ability to teach God’s word

     *Devotion to prayer

     *Servant’s heart

     *Strong relational skills

     *Calling to lead a congregation toward greater discipleship


To Apply:

Interested applicants should apply by visiting

Please do not send a resume to the church.  A video sermon sample is required to apply. 

Feel free to contact Kirsten at Converge MidAmerica with questions.

For more information on Berean, please visit

Community and Church Overview:

Lafayette Community Church is located 4 miles from Purdue University in the center of the business district of Lafayette, IN. Lafayette is a moderately sized community with a unique blend of diversity from Purdue University and our long-established industrial economy. Lafayette is conveniently situated along I-65 between Indianapolis, IN and Chicago, IL. Lafayette Community Church first opened its doors in 2007 in hopes to reach the spiritually thirsty of the Lafayette area. Our multi-generational congregation participates in non-denominational contemporary worship with a casual atmosphere. While attendance has declined since the COVID-19 Pandemic, we look forward to growing as a congregation and thriving under new leadership. In adherence to our commitment to faith and the Great Commission, we value relationships and community involvement in building the body of Christ.

Job Overview

We are looking for a servant leader, highly relational, with a clear vision for local, regional and global ministry. They will need to have strong communication skills (both in the pulpit and interpersonally), a calling for developing new leaders, a passion for reaching people far from God, and the ability to motivate others to be a part of God’s redemptive cause. They will need to understand and work with our existing partnerships with Converge MidAmerica and Converge.

Formal Responsibilities

Leadership Skills

  • Envision new possibilities for the ministry of Lafayette Community Church
  • Think strategically about opportunities and challenges
  • Identify and communicate clear goals and effective strategies to achieve them
  • Develop an effective ministry team with staff and lay leaders
  • Realistically assess situations and take appropriate actions
  • Maintain awareness of and ability to employ current technology for effective ministry


Communication Skills

  • Strong biblical preaching for life transformation
  • The ability to teach and communicate God’s Word in a variety of settings
  • Cast and communicate a compelling and clear vision for Lafayette Community Church
  • Collaborate on written communications throughout the church
  • Collaborate in worship planning and preparation to inspire the church and reach the community


Relationship Skills

    • Strongly encourage and love people
    • Effective at interpersonal communication both as a listener and a speaker
    • Develop and employ the unique strengths of others
    • Facilitate a healing presence in conflicted relationships both personal and corporate

Personal Qualities

  • Meet the New Testament requirements for office as listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.
  • A strong devotional and prayer life
  • An inherent grace orientation in their relationship to God and other
  • Energy and passion in implementing ministry
  • Attitudes and behaviors guided by biblical principles


Professional Qualities

  • Embrace and hold the Affirmation of Faith of Converge MidAmerica & Lafayette Community Church.
  • Lead the Church in vision and direction (Acts 11:30, 14:23, Philippians 1:1, Timothy 5:17).
  • Administer the Church, equipping and overseeing the ministries of the Church (Exodus 18:17-18, Ephesians 4:11, 12, Titus 1:5-7).
  • Oversee the shepherding of the Church assisted by other pastors, staff members, and the Board of Elders (John 21:16-17, Acts 20:17, 28, 1 Peter 5:1-4


Application Process

Interested applicants should apply by visiting follow the online application process; no need to email a resume or cover letter. A video sermon sample is required. Please contact Kirsten at Converge MidAmerica with any questions.


Church and Community Overview

Bethany Baptist Church is more than just a weekly gathering place.  Located in Moline, Illinois since 1876 and our current facility since 1956, we are a multi-generational community of believers, dedicated to making a Christ-honoring impact both within and outside the church.  Our mission is to “make disciples who grow from saved to servant to disciple-maker by loving God, growing together and serving the world.”  This mission guides our search for a new senior pastor.

Bethany Baptist Church is welcoming and meets individuals where they are, without judgment. Our congregation is like family, living life outside the sanctuary and caring for others.  We have a strong youth and college growth engine, with programs designed to engage and inspire young people in their faith. Our teaching is based on scripture, with many able teachers who bring the Word of God to life in a relevant and meaningful way. We strongly support our statement of faith and establish accountability by sharpening each other in love and service.  Our staff, volunteers, and talented musicians work to ensure that our church is engaging for all.  Our debt-free facilities support growth in a high traffic location, with amenities such as a gymnasium that allow us to offer a wide range of programs and activities to our members and the wider community.  One example is sharing the facilities with a Myanmar church plant which has become a Converge affiliated church.

With an average worship service of 80 in attendance, we aspire to be a growing, spiritually thriving congregation. We desire to celebrate God’s work in our lives and church, while striving to improve our global missions and local outreach. As a prayer leader in the community, we intend to improve the focus on interchurch growth. We hope to be an example of faith and fellowship, inspiring others to join our mission. 

Job Overview

We are seeking a pastor who follows after God’s own heart, serves as well as he leads, and will relate well to this body of believers with its growing and changing needs.  The Senior Pastor will be the primary leader of the Elder board, clearly direct, train, and equip our leaders, preach and teach the Word of God, shepherd the flock, and be a model disciple.  He should seldom perform tasks and ministries that lay leaders could and should do, unless absolutely necessary, so as to guard his time for his priorities. 

Formal Responsibilities

  1. Leadership Skills
    1. The creativity to envision new possibilities for the ministry of Bethany Baptist Church.
    2. Cast and communicate a compelling and clear vision for Bethany Baptist Church.
    3. The ability to think strategically about opportunities and challenges.
    4. Identify and communicate clear goals and effective strategies to achieve them.
    5. The ability to recruit, lead and manage church staff and volunteers to fulfill the mission of the church.
    6. Develop an effective ministry team with staff and lay leaders.
    7. Model servant leadership, empowering others while serving them to achieve the desired outcome. 
    8. Realistically assess situations and take appropriate actions.
    9. The awareness of and ability to employ current technology for effective ministry.
    10. Shepherd and develop the Elders and ministry leaders.
  2. Communication Skills
    1. Strong biblical preaching that edifies, challenges, encourages, and promotes  life transformation.
    2. The ability to teach and communicate God’s Word in a variety of settings.
    3. Oversee written communications throughout the church.
    4. Oversee worship planning and preparation to inspire the church and reach the community.
  3. Relationship Skills
    1. A lover of people and a shepherd’s heart demonstrated by encouraging, comforting, correcting, reconciling and counseling at both the personal and corporate level. 
    2. Effective at interpersonal communication both as a listener and a speaker.
    3. Able to develop and employ the unique strengths of others.


  1. Personal Qualities
    1. Meet the New Testament requirements for office as listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.
    2. A strong devotional and prayer life.
    3. An inherent grace orientation in their relationship to God and other people.
  2. Professional Qualities
    1. Prefer a Master of Divinity degree from an accredited seminary or will consider a Bible College graduate 
    2. A minimum of five years experience in a pastor position or comparable role in a full time Christian ministry. 
    3. Experience in and/or a heart for reaching the unsaved throughout the world. 
    4. Has had experience supervising staff.  
    5. In a rapidly changing world keep current on the issues and matters related to Christian church ministry.
    6. Work with local, regional and global Christian leaders in matters of mutual interest and concern. 

Application Process

Interested applicants should apply by creating a profile with the Converge Placement Network.  Completion of the Candidate Application, Assessment and a video sermon sample are required to apply.

Please contact Kirsten at Converge MidAmerica with any questions.


Community and Church Overview

We are a Bible-believing, friendly, come-as-you-are church. Our worship services blend both contemporary and traditional styles. Our Vision is to follow God so passionately and love people so actively that our community will encounter Christ through us before they ever set foot in the church. We welcome people into a family where they can be themselves as we study God’s Word together and are transformed by His Spirit.

Calvary Church is located in the small rural community of Webberville with close access to larger cities. Lansing is 30 minutes away while Detroit is one hour away. Please visit our website.

Job Overview

We are looking for a servant leader, highly relational, with a clear vision for ministry. He will need to have strong communication skills (both in the pulpit and interpersonally), a calling for developing new leaders, a passion for reaching the lost, and the ability to motivate others to be a part of God’s plan. He will need to understand and work with our existing fellowship with Converge MidAmerica and Converge Worldwide.

Formal Responsibilities

1. Leadership Skills

a. Creativity to envision new possibilities for the ministry of Calvary Church.

b. Ability to think strategically about opportunities and challenges.

c. Capacity to identify and communicate clear goals and effective strategies to achieve them that draw in the existing church leadership as well as the congregation.

d. Ability to recruit, lead and manage church staff and congregation to fulfill the mission of the church.

e. Ability to develop an effective ministry team with staff and lay leaders.

f. Realistically assess congregation and community issues and opportunities and take appropriate actions.

g. Awareness of and the ability to employ current technology for effective ministry.

h. Ability to shepherd and develop the Board of Elders and ministry leaders.

i. Competent to embrace strong fiscal responsibility.

2. Communication Skills

a. Strong biblical preaching and teaching in a variety of settings for life transformation.

b. Ability to cast and communicate a compelling and clear vision for Calvary Church.

c. Ability to oversee printed and digital communications throughout the church.

d. Willingness to provide collaborative input to worship planning and preparation to inspire the church and reach the community.

3. Relationship Skills

a. A strong encourager and lover of people.

b. Effective at interpersonal communication both as a listener and a speaker.

c. Able to develop and employ the unique strengths of others.

d. Able to offer effective biblical counsel.

e. Willing to reside in or near Webberville for close proximity to the church body.

f. Willingness to develop relationships within the community outside of the congregation.



1. Personal Qualities

a. Meet the New Testament requirements for office as listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.

b. Possess a strong devotional and prayer life independent of ministry preparations.

c. Predisposition to err on the side of grace.

d. Have energy and passion for implementing ministry in a spirit filled and wise manner.

e. Exhibit attitudes and behaviors consistent with biblical principles.

2. Professional Qualities

a. Embrace and hold the Affirmation of Faith of Calvary Church.

b. Maintain a baptistic perspective in theology and policy consistent with Converge.

c. Possesses a passion for life-long learning.

d. Our ideal candidate would have the following:

     i. At least two years experience in a pastoral role in a local church.

     ii. Minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited seminary or bible college along with a desire for further education (with possibility of church assistance), or a master’s degree.


Application Process

Interested applicants should apply by visiting

No need to email a resume or cover letter.

Please contact Kirsten at Converge MidAmerica with any questions.

Church and Community Overview

CrossWinds Church is on the border of a southwest region of Chicago, in the neighborhood of Mt. Greenwood. It is a neighborhood revitalized and increasingly diverse, with a strong and cohesive community. The church has had strong connections with the community leaders (the 19th ward aldermen) and has worked with local and state leadership to provide services for the neighborhood.

CrossWinds Church has been in this neighborhood for over 60 years – first as Elim Baptist Church, changing its name to CrossWinds Church in 2010. We are a rich body of lovers of God and of one another, fully devoted and committed to seeing His name glorified in our community.  Although small, we have a strong “core” of 40+ people who want to love, grow, serve, and go and we are excited for our next season of growth.


Job Overview

We are looking for a servant leader, strong in the spiritual disciplines, highly relational, with a clear vision for local, regional and global ministry. He will need to have strong communication skills (both in the pulpit and inter-personally), a calling for developing new leaders, a passion for reaching people far from God, passion and skills to cross cultural and generational boundaries to bring a diverse people together, and the ability to motivate others to be a part of God’s redemptive cause. He will need to build a team to equip the church to walk with God and to hear His voice for the work of ministry, and to make disciples who make disciples across the generations. He will need to understand and work with our existing partnerships with Converge MidAmerica and Converge.


Formal Responsibilities

Leadership Skills

    • The creativity to envision new possibilities for the ministry of CrossWinds Church, reaching across cultural and generational boundaries to build a multicultural, multi- generational environment.
    • The ability to think strategically about opportunities and challenges.
    • Identify and communicate clear goals and effective strategies to achieve them.
    • The ability to recruit, lead and manage church staff and lay leaders to fulfill the mission of the church.
    • Develop effective ministry teams with staff and lay leaders.
    • Realistically assess situations and take appropriate actions.
    • The awareness of and ability to employ current technology for effective ministry.
    • Shepherd and develop the Board of Elders and ministry leaders.
    • Establish connections and work effectively with community leaders (local government, schools, business, etc).


Communication Skills

    • Strong biblical preaching and teaching for life transformation.
    • The ability to teach and communicate God’s Word in a variety of settings.
    • Cast and communicate a compelling and clear vision for CrossWinds Church.
    • Utilize technology tools, including social media, to reach both church members and those outside the church.
    • Oversee written communications throughout the church.
    • Oversee worship planning and preparation to inspire the church and reach the community.
    • Skills to work in and to build a multi-cultural, multi-generational environment.


Relationship Skills

  • A strong encourager and lover of people.
  • Effective at interpersonal communication both as a listener and a speaker, across cultural and generational boundaries
  • Able to develop and employ the unique strengths of others.
  • Able to be a healing presence in conflicted relationships both personal and corporate.



Personal Qualities

    • Meet the New Testament requirements for office as listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus1:6-9.
    • A strong devotional and prayer life.
    • An inherent grace orientation in their relationship to God and other people.
    • Energy and passion in implementing ministry.
    • Attitudes and behaviors guided by biblical principles.


Professional Qualities

    • Embrace and hold the Affirmation of Faith of Converge MidAmerica & CrossWinds church.
    • Maintain a baptistic perspective in theology and policy.
    • A Master of Divinity degree from an accredited seminary or Bible College is preferred.
    • Strong experience in a pastoral or comparable role in a church.
    • Experience in building teams, supervising paid and unpaid staff is preferred.
    • Experience in working with church boards.


To Apply

Interested candidates should apply via the Converge Placement Network by creating a profile and completing an assessment and Candidate Application.  A video sermon sample is required.

Candidates should not contact the church.  No need to submit a resume. 

Please direct questions to Kirsten at

Other Ministry Positions

We are a Bible-based, multi-ethnic congregation seeking to transform our community with the love of Christ. We seek an administrative assistant to support the staff and ministry teams of the church.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
We seek an administrative assistant to be the information hub for our ministries, coordinate our office needs, creatively communicate our special events and services, and assist in the general administration of the church.

Required Knowledge and Abilities:
  – Character: A devoted follower of Christ, especially strong in attention to detail and self-direction
  – Professional: Computer skills to utilize basic administrative software/apps (scheduling; email; spreadsheet; presentation; digital publishing, design, and editing). Written communication skills to present information clearly and attractively in multiple platforms to a wide variety of people.

Job Type: Part-time, 2-3 days per week for 10 hours per week.

Salary: $7000 annual, 50 weeks/year

Work Location: In person

How to Apply: Contact Pastor Michael Eberly 708.543.6504

Position:                                           Administrative Assistant

Position Type:                                  Hourly

Hourly Rate                                      16.40

Weekly Hours                                  16

Weekly Regular Schedule             Monday-Thursday (10a-2p)


Reports to:                                       Pastor


General Description:                     

Under general supervision of the Executive Administrator and in accordance with established procedures and source documents, performs routine duties required to answer and forward calls to appropriate persons and provide administrative support to the Pastor and Executive Administrator. Serves as the Church’s first contact by telephone and in the office. Must demonstrate a knowledge of the Church’s purpose and business and must professionally assist the Pastor and those that call and visit our church.



Education & Knowledge:             

Position requires common sense, decision-making ability. Advanced use of office equipment required which includes personal computers and appropriate software. Proficiency in Microsoft Word (or an equivalent word processing software) required. Proficiency in Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher) a plus. Education equivalent to a high school education with additional administrative education training desired.


Experience: Minimum of three years secretarial and general office experience necessary.




1.    Answer incoming calls; determine the nature of business, forward calls to appropriate person, taking messages when person is unavailable.

2.    Greet guests arriving at Grace Bible Church, lead them to appropriate person, make sure guests are comfortable while waiting for party.

3.    Manages all church mail, incoming and outgoing. Open, sort and distribute mail daily to appropriate persons. Responsible for mailing bills, packages, letters etc. This includes getting mail to Post Office as necessary and purchasing stamps.

4.    Office organization including but not limited to:

a.    Manage file organization which includes keeping paper copies of sermons, bulletins, correspondence, POs, invoices, projects/events, meetings, other documents as necessary. Archive files as they age and establish and maintain file log of all files.

b.    Maintain the cleanliness of the office and conference areas.

5.    Organize church magazines/newsletters/periodicals. Keep current issues and maintain files for past issues.

6.    Typing/Word Processing which includes letters, correspondence, reports, agendas/material for meetings, classes, bulletin, new member class list and letters, Bible Study/Connect Group material, ministry schedule and other documents as necessary.

7.    Maintains and orders general office supplies and materials as approved by ministry heads, deacons/elders and Pastor.

8.    Maintain all office equipment including but not limited to telephone, fax, copier, and computers. This includes service calls and general maintenance.

9.    Manage copy jobs/requests which includes copying letters, correspondence, reports, material for meetings, classes etc. Sort, staple and put together class material and assist others with copy jobs.

10. Send and receive email documents and distribute appropriately.

11. Maintain answering machine. Keep current greetings on mailboxes and distribute message to appropriate individuals.

12. Provide confidential administrative support to the Pastor and Elders as necessary.

13. Other identified activities



1.    Must have a heart for the Church and be a follower of Christ.

2.    Ability to perform diversified duties

3.    Ability to communicate professionally

4.    Ability to work under general supervision, proceed alone on regular duties, referring questionable cases to supervisor as necessary

5.    Ability to work with confidential data.

6.    Ability to maintain a positive attitude and work atmosphere by behaving and communicating with internal and external contacts in a manner using considerable tact required to achieve results.

7.    Ability to pass criminal background check.


This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee occupying this position. Employees may be required to follow other job-related instructions and to perform other job-related duties as requested, subject to all applicable state and federal laws.


Send Resumes or Questions to





Associate Pastor of Youth & CE


    1. Spiritual – The person holding this position shall give evidence of Christian conversion and a growing spiritual maturity, be of unquestionable Christian character, loyal to the Word of God, dedicated and devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ and the to the spiritual and material welfare of the Church. He shall fully subscribe to the Constitution of the Algoma Baptist Church including the Articles of Faith and Church Covenant. He shall become a member of the congregation and be faithful in attendance and participation both in regular Sunday services and other meetings of the Church. If the person holding the position is married, it is expected that his wife will be fully supportive of his ministry here in this Church.

    2. Formal Education – Minimum of a four-year bachelor’s degree.

    3. Previous Experience – Minimum of two years’ experience in some form of Christian Education and youth ministries.


This position is ultimately accountable to the Christian Education Board, but also accountable to the senior pastor for day-to-day responsibilities.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. In Youth Ministries – Junior High & Senior High

      1. He shall develop and oversee the weekly youth group meetings for both Junior Senior High groups, including, but not limited to choosing or developing curriculum, teaching lessons, facilitating discussion time, and having time for games and/or social activities.
      2. He shall plan regular special events for both Junior and Senior High groups. These events may be at the church or elsewhere and may take the place of the weekly meeting or be in addition to it.
      3. He shall be dedicated to leading teens to personal salvation through the accepting of the Gospel and belief in Jesus Christ as their savior.
      4. He shall be dedicated to the discipleship of the church youth both during weekly meetings and on a personal basis. Discipleship may include casual conversation before or after church services, communication during the week, attendance at sports events or performances, counseling on spiritual matters, developing rapport and relationship with youth’s families, encouraging youth in outreach through inviting friends to church and sharing the Gospel, and reaching out to those who have been absent from meetings and events.
      5. He shall promote practicing spiritual disciplines such as Bible reading, Bible study, prayer, church attendance, church involvement, and sharing the Gospel with other.
      6. He shall keep up good communication about the youth ministries with the following people and/or groups: youth students, parents/guardians of youth students, the senior pastor, the CE board, and the congregation. Communication should include face-to-face conversation, phone conversation, text messages, posts in the youth group Facebook page, church announcements, and updates in church publications.
      7. He shall work with other adult youth leaders to train and equip them to effectively minister to the youth. This may be done through staff meetings, training sessions, seminars, etc.

    1. In Christian Education
      1. He shall serve as a member of the Christian Education board, and as a result, will work closely with the board and senior pastor in the total Christian Education of the Church. This will entail giving leadership to assessment and evaluation of curriculum, and the recruitment and training of all personnel. He shall consult with the CE board concerning items one through seven of section “A. In Youth Ministries – Junior High & Senior High” and submit his ministry program on a monthly basis before implementation. He shall also submit monthly bank statements at the regular CE board meeting.
      2. He shall be responsible for serving as the primary leader for the LAUGHS college small group. This leadership includes planning a meeting schedule, facilitating Biblical teaching and/or discussion, providing opportunities for prayer within the group, and developing personal relationships with group members.
      3. He shall work with the senior pastor and CE board toward the implementation of outreach events focused on children and families.
      4. He shall work with the Camp Coordinator as necessary to promote the ministry of and attendance at the Center Lake Bible Camp in Tustin, Michigan.
      5. He shall serve, as needed and able, in regular children’s ministries such as ABC Kids, Sunday School, and AWANA

    2. In Shepherding and Serving the Church
      1. He shall shepherd and serve the whole church through participation in the Sunday worship services according to his gifting. This could include Scripture reading, audio/video ministry, worship team, preaching in the absence of the senior pastor, etc.
      2. He shall shepherd and serve the church through participation in the online ministry as able and as requested by the senior pastor.
      3. He shall shepherd and serve the church by participating in church outreach events as requested by the senior pastor.
      4. He shall serve the support staff of the church by assisting them in their duties as needed, and as he is gifted.

    3. In Spiritual & Personal Growth
      1. He shall be committed to his own spiritual growth, and to the practice of spiritual disciplines.
      2. He shall be working towards professional growth in the areas of his ministry through reading, research, and, if appropriate, continuing formal education.
      3. If married, he shall be committed to the spiritual, emotional, and mental wellbeing of his whole family.


To Apply: 

Send a resume to

Gulf Coast Community Church has been committed to reaching the University of South Florida, St Pete campus since 2011. We believe reaching the local college campus is vital as we seek to be a faithful gospel witness for this generation and the next. 

Our campus ministry, CoMission, needs a campus minister who will model what it means to follow Jesus on the campus, support students to grow as disciples of Jesus, and mobilize them to saturate the world with the good news, justice, and beauty of Jesus. 

POSITION: College Outreach Minister at the University of South Florida, St Petersburg Campus

Job Profile           

A person who loves Jesus, college students, and is gifted and equipped for evangelism and discipleship ministry. This person needs vision to grow a college ministry. A proactive self starter who embraces challenge, is highly adaptive, humble, and innovative. Must be aligned with a college ministry philosophy that is rooted in the local church, yet firmly planted on the campus to reach the campus. Someone who sees discipleship as bringing people into their life, mission as incarnational presence, and understands the need to equip others to do the work of the ministry. This person should have a mindset of supporting students to be missionaries to their campus. Somone who works well with others and values the strength of a team over self. Our desire is to have one man and one woman to collaborate with each other as they serve, equip, and send students.

Hours  45 hrs./wk. Evening and weekend availability.


Support raised with 1/3 committed from GCCC ($12k). $36k/yr starting salary (with option to increase based on need). Compensation for this position is a combination of raising support with a base commitment from GCCC. We will provide proven-and-tested training on how to raise support and can connect with many individuals in our congregation and immediate area that have historically given to CoMission.

Due to the small size of our staff, we don’t have group plans for medical insurance and retirement. Instead, we individualize it to each staff member’s specific needs. Room for this is built into the support raising and budget in such a way that helps the individuals in the roles, their family, and their ministry thrive.

Housing in our area can be a challenge. We have multiple people in the congregation that have Airbnb on their property. We can help secure temporary housing for immediate arrival as well as figure out a long- term solution that works well for the people in these roles.



  • Function as a full-time disciple-maker on the campus
  • Primary office site is on campus to foster more disciple-making relationships
  • Hang out and build with students that are far from God.
  • Help students grow in Christlikeness.
  • Provide primary leadership, care, and oversight for CoMission students.
  • Equip and empower students to become disciple-making missionaries for their campus.



  • Help develop and implement a personal ministry strategy on campus within the broader campus strategy and submit this each semester to the pastoral supervisor.
  • Help develop and implement a ministry strategy on campus with the student team and submit this to the supervisor each semester.
  • Promote, Lead, and Reproduce Disciple-making Opportunities
  • Cast vision, direct, and help students in reproducing disciple-making opportunities on campus.
  • Form a student leadership team and help them to be effective.
  • Oversight of disciple-making including accountability to other leaders, training in leadership and identifying new leaders.


Planning and Organizing Events

  • Help students lead and administrate events, groups etc.
  • Organize off-site retreats and mission trips.


Leadership Development

  • Evaluate giftings and identify leaders on campus.
  • Help train leaders on campus by modeling, teaching, supporting, and releasing them to use their various gifts/abilities.
  • Follow-up and evaluation of leaders.


GCCC + CoMission Collaboration

  • Help students to value the local church as a diverse group of people to learn from, network with, and serve.
  • Help students secure transportation to GCCC events/meetings.
  • Assist in follow-up of new student visitors to CoMission and GCCC.
  • Includes keeping a detailed computer list of all names, addresses and relevant info. Should be updated frequently.


Support Raising Partnership

  • Develop and maintain personal financial support for the work of the ministry on campus.
  • Raise 110% MN (Monthly Need) before getting on campus.
  • Win, Keep, and lift supporter base
  • Newsletters, phone calls, meetings
  • Keep GCCC office updated on support commitments and changes.
  • Work 45 hours wk (5 of those hours should be toward personal development and/or serving the church body outside of your campus focus).


About Us                  

We are a church that is strong in biblical teaching, deep community, and we partner with churches in our city that look very different than us. If you appreciate the Bible Project then you will find we are fairly close theologically to your views.

For more about us, please go to and to learn more.



Please contact Ryan Carver with any questions or to send in your resume:

New Hope is a church where God is authoring our comeback stories. He has called us together to transform us from how the world has labeled us into who He intended us to be. Connect Youth Ministry is a safe community for middle- and high-schoolers to deepen their relationship with God, exploring the hard questions, while building lasting friendships, and we are searching for our next Director of Youth Ministries who will be responsible for shepherding this group.

The Director of Youth Ministry’s primary responsibilities include organizing youth events or retreats that encourage community building, investing in the youth leaders to equip them to lead our youth well, teaching during large group time, and discipling our youth while following our safety and security guidelines.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Run middle and high school weekly youth group meetings
  • Recruit, train, and personally invest in the youth leadership team of volunteers
  • Teach large group lessons at least twice per month, choosing or creating an annual curriculum that addresses the needs of teens and tweens, and equipping guest speakers and leaders to teach during weeks that you are not teaching.
  • Develop and maintain effective relationships with parents and other ministry leaders
  • Schedule, coordinate communicate, and execute special events, including at least one retreat, two off-campus events, and youth takeover Sunday
  • Maintain accurate youth database with contact information for both youth and parents
  • Track and maintain youth ministry budget
  • Complete all background checks, mandatory reporter, and required human resources training and certifications for self and youth leadership team
  • Organize small groups for youth during the summer
  • Provide surface level counseling to youth and get them connected to additional services as needed
  • Coordinate and lead missions and service projects within the youth ministry, which may include local, out of state, and/or international missions.
  • Maintain a youth group check in protocol and ensuring it is completed at every event
  • Identify and invest time in potential youth ministry student leaders through growth opportunities using methods such as outside bible study, training on how to share your testimony, teaching a large group lesson at youth ministry, speaking at youth takeover Sunday, etc.
  • Participate in weekly staff meetings

    Skills and Qualifications
  • Actively pursuing relationship with Jesus Christ with a passion for helping students in their personal walk with Jesus
  • Ability to relate to young people by earning their respect and trust
  • Excellent organization and supervision skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills accompanied by a positive attitude with young students in the church
  • Effective communicator who is able to interact with both students and adults
  • Personal walk with Jesus is reflected in the way they lead themselves, their families, and their ministry
  • Interested in building a robust youth ministry over the next five years
  • Able to organize a schedule, coordinate an event, and structure a retreat
  • Spiritual gifting in leadership, evangelism, teaching, discernment, and/or shepherding
  • Possesses or pursuing a degree in biblical studies or related field

How to Apply: Submit your resume to

Reports to:                      Lead Pastor and Director of Ministries

Classification:                 Full Time Employee (salary and benefits) 


PURPOSE: To produce God glorifying, engaging and nourishing worship in all RVCC worship environments by leading worship and mentoring and empowering worship leaders that serve RVCC and the wider church. To provide administrative support for the church working for the Director of Ministries. The person will split their time about 50/50 between worship and administrative duties.


  • Oversee all aspects of the Music and Worship Arts ministry within RVCC and spiritually shepherd the volunteers who serve in this ministry
  • Recruit, mentor, schedule and support worship leaders, musicians and tech volunteers
  • Plan worship services in collaboration with the senior pastor and designated RVCC staff members
  • Lead worship in rotation with volunteer worship leaders
  • Deliver a worship experience that advances RVCC’s value of multiculturalism
  • Lead and coach vocalists and instrumentalists
  • Purchase music and organize department systems
  • Assist worship leaders with band rehearsals
  • Oversee and staff with volunteers all aspects of our livestream operations
  • Assist tech ministry with band setup and strike
  • Perform specific administrative duties/operations of RVCC as directed by Director of Ministry
    • Open/close office daily 
    • Communicate through phone/email
    • Maintain files
    • Order and Maintain supplies for the church and its ministries 
    • Use Constant Contact for prayer requests, weekly newsletter, etc.
    • Maintain office/church calendar (includes tracking the building usage by other church members and/or outside contracted agreements)
    • Maintain cleanliness of church/office, especially after Sunday Worship Service and between Preschool days 
    • Maintain alarm system/codes
    • Maintain website content
    • Participates in staff meetings
    • Participates/help plans church events
    • Observes, analyzes and recommends ways to improve the church’s efforts to fulfill its mission
    • Upload worship service information from Planning Center to ProPresenter



  • Confess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord
  • Able to share with others a clear testimony of Christian faith
  • Has consistent discipline in their devotional life in worship, prayer, bible study and reflection
  • Obeys the scriptural directives for growth and development of an individual Christian life, demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit and attitudes and actions of servant-leadership as indicated in the life of Jesus and throughout Scripture
  • Embraces scriptural standards for behavior and attitudes in both physical and digital spaces
  • Pursues a vibrant relationship with the triune God through engagement with Scripture, prayer, and worship, both individually and in community.
  • Develops self-leadership: growing in self-awareness, self-management, relational integrity, and healthy practices, including rest.
  • Agrees substantially with the Articles of Faith and Constitution and By-laws of RVCC



  • Relationally warm, respectful and helpful towards others, treating people courteously and diplomatically
  • Humble. Has a teachable attitude and a desire to grow spiritually and personally
  • Has a deep sense of responsibility for and commitment to the RVCC mission, vision and values



  • Reports to the Lead Pastor and Director of Ministries
  • Works alongside all other ministry staff



  • Bachelor’s degree required.
  • 2 years full-time worship director experience preferred, but not required or the equivalent time as a volunteer worship leader.



River Valley Community Church (RVCC) was planted 17 years ago with a heart for the City of Aurora.  We are a diverse body both economically and ethnically.  We are an independent, evangelical church rooted in the Word of God that seeks excellence in all that we do as a reflection of the excellence of God.

RVCC was built on the basis of community. Our primary desire is to minister to the City of Aurora by sending people into the community. We are a church that exists to glorify God and see people transformed, through the work of the Holy Spirit, into fully developing followers of Jesus.  Our vision is to be a people who truly worship God, connect in communities that cultivate Christ-like character, and equip people to use their gifts to change the world for Christ. 

We offer a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere with thought-provoking exegetical teaching. We take our faith seriously, but our environment is casual.  “Come as you are” for coffee, conversation, music, prayer and Biblical teaching all in a casual café setting. Live worship music, intentional Bible teaching for children six months to 5th grade, and friendly people who hang out and chat are just some of the aspects we provide at RVCC.   


How to apply: Send resume and video sample of you leading worship to Pastor Lloyd Biddle at: 



Position:                                            Executive Administrator

Position Type:                                   Salaried

Annual Base Salary:                        18,355

Weekly Hours:                                  16

Weekly Regular Schedule:              Monday-Thursday (10a-2p) Sunday as needed


Reports to:                                       Pastor

General Description:                    

Under general supervision and in conjunction with the Pastor and Executive Pastor works to establish processes and procedures that will result in the effective and efficient operation of Grace Bible Church. Is the primary office administrator and will coordinate work of other administrative office staff, volunteers and conduct the general activities of the church and the Pastor’s assignments effectively and efficiently.

Education & Knowledge:            

Position requires, the performance of office duties directly related to the management or general business operations of Grace Bible Church and its primary duties include the exercise of discretion and judgment with respect to matters of significance. Advanced use of office equipment is required which including: personal computers and applicable software, currently Microsoft Word (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher) and ability to manage church management software (currently Easytithe Plus).

Required: Bachelor’s Degree or acceptable equivalent

Experience: Minimum of three years management and organization experience necessary. Specific knowledge of office procedures, operations, staffing, volunteer and event coordination a plus.


1.    Preparation and/or revision of Grace Bible Church‘s Official Documents:

a.    Coordination of Sunday foyer volunteers and visitor table

b.    Sermon notes, selected Manuscript (last five years)

c.     New member information

d.    Conference Agendas and Material

e.    Pastor/Elder Documents

f.      Official minutes of church/staff meetings

2.    Management and coordination of:

a.    Office and network files

b.    GBC email account

c.     Easytithe Plus

d.    Staff/Personnel Information

e.    Criminal background checks for employees, volunteer staff, and contactors.

f.       Recruiting and coordinating volunteer support

g.    Church credit cards

h.    Custody and inventory of building keys and issues keys as directed by Senior Pastor or an Executive

i.      Visitors to the office including contractors, deliveries and guests.

3.    Managing and coordination:

a.    Conference Planning

b.      Equipment & property inventories

c.     Updating calendar of events

d.    Event Coordination for

i.     Baptisms

ii.     Parent/Baby Dedication

e.    Referral of the following to respective event coordinator:

i.     Funerals

ii.     Weddings

iii.     Facility Rental Requests


4.    Manages the following activities:

a.    Travel arrangements: book, organize and prepare

b.    Guest speaker communication (internal/external) and related needs

c.     Update preaching schedule

d.    Staff Meetings

i.     Create and distribute agenda

ii.     Provide coffee/tea

iii.     Order lunch when necessary

e.    Senior Pastor Schedule

i.     Schedule meetings

ii.     Send invites and reminders for scheduled meetings

iii.     Setup video conference meetings

iv.     Manage Sr. Pastor’s credit card logs to include obtaining receipts and preparing purchase orders in a timely manner

v.     Submitting correspondence on behalf of the Sr Pastor as needed

vi.     Assist with social media

f.      Other identified activities




1.    Must have a heart for the Church and be a mature follower of Christ.

2.    Maintain flexibility and technical capacity

3.    Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills.

4.    Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.

5.    Strong administrative skills

6.    Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

7.    Ability to work independently and with a team.

8.    Ability to work with confidential data.

9.    Ability to effectively delegate tasks and projects.

10. Work well under pressure/stress management/composure

11. Must pass criminal background check


 Send Resumes or Questions to

This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee occupying this position. Employees may be required to follow other job-related instructions and to perform other job-related duties as requested, subject to all applicable state and federal laws. 

God has blessed Shores Community Church with significant growth over the past few years. As the next step in our growth we are looking for an organized, experienced Executive Pastor to help manage growth, oversee our church’s operations and lead and direct our staff. The Executive Pastor will be the organizational leader of the church, working in cooperation with the Lead Pastor, who is the spiritual leader of the church. The Executive Pastor will set goals for staff to accomplish the church’s mission and vision set forth by the Board of Elders. He will support, coach, and assess staff, implement processes to optimize operational capabilities, strive to expand and unify the church, and manage resources effectively. He will ensure members of different ages and from diverse backgrounds are served effectively. He will also be called on to preach and teach when the need arises.

To ensure success in this role he will need to perform a wide range of duties in a manner that reflects his spiritual condition and beliefs. Ideal applicants are experienced capable leaders, demonstrate a loving heart for their flock, are spiritually mature, and organized.

Executive Pastor Responsibilities:

  • Overseeing church operations.
  • Leading, overseeing, developing and having regular meetings with staff.
  • Mentoring staff, including the Lead Pastor
  • Guiding and developing volunteer ministry leaders.
  • Collaborating with the Lead Pastor and elders on the implementation of the mission and vision of the church.
  • Overseeing human resources operations, and collaborating with the Lead Pastor and Elders to hire, reposition, transition, and dismiss staff.
  • Overseeing strategic planning.
  • Working with the Deacon of Finance to create an annual budget.
  • Overseeing financial, budget, and fundraising operations.
  • Assisting staff to manage ministry budgets.
  • Managing marketing, social media accounts and other communications.
  • Reviewing, creating, and implementing policies and procedures to ensure the effective operation of the church.


Executive Pastor Requirements:

  • Evident relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Spiritually mature.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills.
  • Masters of Divinity degree (preferred).
  • 10+ years of relevant ministry experience, particularly at a growing church
  • Proficient with Planning Center Online, QuickBooks, MS Office Suites, and social media (preferred).
  • Outstanding organizational skills.
  • Strong people skills.
  • Team player.
  • Proficient multi-tasking skills.


Biblical Requirements:

  • Spirit-filled (Acts 6:3)
  • Demonstrate Biblical wisdom (Ephesians 1:16-17, Proverbs 8:14-16)
  • Conversations are full of grace and truth (Ephesians 4:15)
  • Skilled at a rebuke and reproof (2 Timothy 4:2)
  • A person of prayer (Colossians 4:2)
  • Team building (1 Corinthians 12:17-20, Hebrews 10:24-25)
  • Forgiving and kind (Ephesians 4:32)
  • Shepherd to God’s flock (1 Peter 5:2-4)
  • Good at handling criticism (Proverbs 15:31-33)
  • Demonstrate professionalism and poise (Titus 1:6-9)


To learn more about this position and to apply, please visit:


Shiloh Community Church in Orleans, Michigan exists to help people come to Christ, grow in Christ, and serve for Christ. They are looking for a Family Ministries Pastor to join their team. This new, full-time position will oversee the ministries to children, teens, young adults & their families. This is a unique opportunity to cast vision and lead changes through strong ministry teams.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Develop and implement an age-appropriate discipleship pathway for the various age groups represented in Shiloh Kids and Shiloh Students
  • Establish ministry goals and objectives related to the vision, mission, and values of the church, prioritize related ministries accordingly and manage the use of facilities in coordination with the entire staff
  • Equip and empower staff and volunteers to help children and teens become followers of Jesus and discover how they are designed to help carry out the mission of the church
  • Develop relationships with the parents and families of the children and teens who attend Shiloh Community Church
  • Partner in creating ways for the families of children and teens to engage in the Outreach, Evangelism, and Compassion ministries and events of Shiloh Community Church


Skills you’ll need to have:

  • Experience in Children’s and/or Student Ministries
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience leading ministry teams
  • Ability to recruit, develop and empower volunteers
  • Ability to teach children and teens about Jesus

Shiloh Community Church, while in itself is in a rural setting, has plenty of places to go and things to do and see. Ionia is the county seat of Ionia County and hosts many events of varying interests. The Ionia Free Fair is a staple of the community. Ionia county also has a county park, Bertha Brock, and Ionia State Recreation Area. Both have rustic camping and hiking trails. Bertha Brock also has a favorite sledding hill for the area. Several other surrounding cities host yearly festivals and events. They are also close to two large cities, Lansing and Grand Rapids. There are plenty of lakes for fishing, boating, hunting, and miles of connected walking and biking paths.

Interested candidates should apply HERE.



About Us

West Hills Community Church is a diverse multigenerational congregation that has survived the pandemic years by God’s grace and has grown, coming back stronger. We are poised to move forward in a youthful direction.

The Position

  • 3/4 Time Position (Potential Full Time)
  • Oversee, lead and develop ministries to children, youth, college and connecting with families as a whole.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Able to recruit, equip and train volunteers.
  • Specifically work with the youth ministry (7–12 grade).
  • Self starter.
  • Reports directly to the lead pastor.
  • Experience in youth ministry.
  • Four year degree preferred with some theological study included.


To apply send resume and references to

We seek a ministry where believers are connecting to one another in Community, serving Christ through the church in their unique area of Gifting, and growing in their faith daily as they learn, live out, and Spread the truth of Gods word.  We seek to connect believers together in the community. 

Position: Financial Accountant (FT 30 hours/per week)

• Maintain accurate financial records of all income and expenditures.
• Data Entry into QuickBooks Financial Software System for all financial information.
• Process bills (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) for payments/vouchers and maintain organized electronic records through QuickBooks software.
• Perform routine tasks to keep financial files current/up to date.
• Prepare Financial Reports weekly, monthly, quarterly, and as needed.
• Process payroll on bi-weekly/monthly basis as determined.
• Pay monthly payroll taxes.
• File quarterly and annual payroll returns.
• Process year end statements for all supporters of the WCC Ministry.
• Prepare Annual Budget/Reports for Finance Team for Annual Meeting.
• Weekly (Sundays) assist WCC Counters/Finance Team.
• Prepare/Process Bank Deposits, Reconciliation statements.
• Correspond with supporters and vendors as needed.
• Prepare and send weekly income/expenditure reports to the Senior Pastor.

• Mature Christian believer with a sincere conviction and interest in spiritual things.
• Demonstrated ability to work well with and train others.
• Excellent administrative and organizational skills.
• Basic computer skills.
• Accounting system – Highly proficient in understanding and use of Quick books Financial Software.
• Understanding and basic use of Microsoft Word, Excel spreadsheets, etc.
• An undergraduate or associate degree in finance or a related field preferred.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

1. Attention to detail.
2. Servant Leader.
3. Humble.
4. Accountable.
5. Approachable.
6. Time Management.
7. Flexible.

Work Environment
This job operates in a professional office environment. This role routinely uses standard office equipment such as computers, phones, photocopiers, filing cabinets and fax machines.

Physical Demands
The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to communicate both written and verbally. The employee is frequently required to stand, walk; use hands to handle or feel; and reach with hands and arms.

• Full-Time or Part-time position (hours to be determined) with flexible schedule available.
• Full-Time will accrue vacation, be eligible for medical & WCC retirement plan.
• Full-Time employee will earn one-week (based on average hours worked) paid vacation after six months. Another week of vacation upon completion of first year of service. Two weeks paid vacation each year thereafter while working full time.
• All paid time off for full-time is in accordance with WCC Personal Time Off Policy.
• Retirement plan available for full-time employee after 90 days of employment.
• Hourly rate ($20 to $25) based on experience.
• Overtime may be needed for special WCC projects.

To Apply, please visit: Submit resume to the WCC Office Attention: Finance Team via email

PURPOSE OF POSITION: To provide oversight and direction to the Fellowship Kids Ministry

REPORTS TO: The Lead Pastor

WORKS CLOSELY WITH: The Kids’ Ministry Coordinator & Staff Team


1. Oversight of Fellowship Kids Ministry – Serve as the point person for Fellowship Kids – Set vision & implement ministry strategy – Oversee & collaborate with the Kids Ministry Coordinator

2. Curriculum Evaluation & Implementation – Evaluate and choose age-appropriate, gospel-centered curriculum – Adapt and implement curriculum for each age group

3. Recruit, Train, & Support Volunteers – Help the Kids Ministry Coordinator with the recruitment of volunteers – Implement a volunteer training process – Equip and support volunteers for their Sunday morning responsibilities

4. Support Parents & Family Discipleship – Regularly provide resources for parents in the discipleship of their children – Serve as a “pastoral presence” for Fellowship parents and kids

5. Evaluate & Set Policies & Procedures – Evaluate all Kids Ministry policies and procedures annually – Adjust policies and procedures as necessary and administrate compliance 

6. Miscellaneous Expectations – Regularly attend all Staff Team meetings – Rotate with the Kid’s Ministry Coordinator to administrate Sunday morning Kids check-in and volunteer management – Assist with church-wide events as a team player with the rest of the staff – Help to plan and implement a yearly community outreach (e.g. Fall Festival)  


Education, Experience & Skills

– Must possess strong biblical knowledge and be in theological alignment with Fellowship Nashville – Excellent interpersonal and communication skills – Creative and innovative – A degree in Christian education is preferred – Previous ministry experience, preferably in a local church context, is preferred

Character & Chemistry

– A deep love for children and families – Connects well with the culture / ethos of Fellowship Nashville – Ministers out of the overflow of a healthy walk with God – An emotionally mature team-player that seeks to accomplish the greater mission with and through others – Quick to listen and slow to speak – Demonstrates a commitment to community and cultural engagement – Teachable and humble – Has a compassionate and servant-hearted attitude – Possesses a good work ethic – Personable and approachable

How to Apply: Visit

Job Description: Bethany Church is seeking a vibrant music director who will plan and lead our musical worship set on a weekly basis. This is a part-time, paid position for a contemporary church with strong, biblical teaching.


  1. Maturing follower of Jesus Christ, actively pursuing spiritual growth, who has submitted to believer’s baptism by immersion and is willing to join our body in membership.
  2. A gifted musician who is proficient in one or more instruments (guitar preferred) with strong vocals and stage presence.
  3. Possessing solid interpersonal skills, genuine love for people, and the ability to inspire others in their walk with Jesus.
  4. Passionate and skilled in personal evangelism, regularly seeking to lead people to faith in Christ.
  5. Demonstrating a lifestyle congruent to 1 Timothy 3.


  1. The Worship Director is to provide 15 hours per week towards the planning, organizing, and practicing of the musical worship needs of the church.
  2. Plan, coordinate, and lead gospel-centered worship experiences designed to engage the congregation, complement the preaching of God’s Word and exalt the name of Jesus for weekly and special services.
  3. Recruit volunteers, including musicians and vocalists, to serve within specific ministries and train them to do ministry effectively.
  4. Foster a sending culture across all ministries that challenge and equip church members to live on mission and leverage their lives for the sake of the gospel.
  5. Focus on building relationships with ministry participants and leaders outside of church programs for ongoing ministry and discipleship.
  6. Collaborate with the Senior Pastor regarding music selection and order of service.

Find more information and to apply visit

We are a Gospel centered, Bible believing and preaching, fellowship of sinners saved by grace through the Lord Jesus Christ in Kentwood, Michigan. Our desire is to be and produce disciples of Jesus both here locally and to the ends of the earth.  Please visit our website to learn more about us.

The music leader will work closely with our pastoral team in cultivating worship services and worship teams that help lead our congregation to see and savor the greatness of God in Jesus Christ, in the power of the Spirit. Fostering congregational worship, singing the best of the old and the best of the new, is a key priority for our church, and we are seeking an individual who’s called and gifted by God for that end.

1. Planning our weekly Sunday 10:00am worship service. Choosing congregational hymns and songs that engage the congregation and support the reading and preaching of God’s Word. Weekly adding words, lyrics, or other media as necessary to presentation software.
2. Modeling and leading heartfelt worship in an invitational style – that draws people in, encourages participation, and points people to Jesus.
3. Recruiting, auditioning, teaching, and training musicians in the church to serve the congregation as a team with musical skill and humility.
4. Leading rehearsals at necessary times and intervals that serve a dual purpose: (A) preparation for Sunday and (B) cultivation of Christ-centered community.
5. Serving as a member of the ministry team at Faith Baptist Church, demonstrating a commitment to this congregation and its mission.

This individual is expected to:
(A) be a born-again believer in Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior
(B) be gifted in leading congregational worship
(C) possess leadership and organizational skills
(C) be a team player.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

How to Apply: Please send your testimony, a brief description of your gifts and experience leading musical worship, and 5 references to

The NextGen Pastor will love, pray, and create a ministry experience that engages kids and students and encourages them to develop a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Located in a suburb of Detroit, Berkley Community Church is passionate about reaching families with the Gospel through Sunday and mid-week ministry. BCC is an exciting church of 175 regular attenders with a roster of approximately 25 students (middle school / high school) and 20 kids (birth-5th grade).

This pastor would be the primary leader and revitalizer of the youth ministry, as well as leading and encouraging a team of volunteer children’s ministry leaders to bring a solidified gospel vision from birth to graduation. There is an excellent core of lay leaders already in place.

Covid years have led to the need to innovate a new ministry. Now, more than ever, a Bible-centric ministry is needed for youth and adults. Exciting things are happening at BCC! A newly renovated 300-seat sanctuary is opening this Spring. We are looking for the right man to join the Sr. Pastor to lead this church and community into deeper fellowship with Christ. They would have a pastor’s heart, qualifications, and (if married) spousal support to build relationships and invest into this amazing church and community.


Youth Ministry (approx. 50% of time/energy)

  • Enthusiastically embrace the vision, mission, values and culture of Berkley Community Church.
  • Create and strive towards youth ministry specific vision and mission.
  • Lead the coordination and facilitation of engaging weekly middle school and high school gatherings that are biblically accurate and culturally relevant. Be primary teacher to students.
  • Plan and lead retreats, mission trips, and other special events that provide spiritual growth opportunities for both the unchurched and churched students in our community.
  • Recruit, train, and lead a team of adult leaders and student leaders.
  • Love the students! Pastor the students and engage in their lives (hang outs, sports games, build relationship outside of youth group, etc.)
  • Help to integrate the student ministry into the overall body of the church.
  • Be intentional about being an outreach focused ministry. (i.e. evangelistic events, where possible establish a presence at schools in order to support current BCC students and reach others.)
  • Submit and manage the annual student ministry budget and demonstrate financial responsibility.
  • Network with other student ministry pastors as a means of support and community building.


Family Ministry (approx. 40% of time/energy)

  • Provide vision and leadership in Children’s Ministries.
  • Lead and assist ministry leaders (Promiseland, Promiseland Jr., Toddler, Nursery) regarding curriculum, leader recruitment and development, and encouragement (lead the leaders).
  • Awana was an exciting ministry here for many years that got lost in the rubble of Covid. New mid-week ministry is needed! There is a blank slate!
  • Coordinate family ministry events occasionally throughout year to enrich and be opportunities to bring in new families.

Other Pastoral Responsibilities: (approx. 10% of time/energy)

  • Hold regular office hours with availability to meet with pastor, elders, youth and/or parents on individual basis.
  • Attend, participate in and support corporate worship services and ministry events as a Pastor of the church.
  • Build relationships in church and provide pastoral care duties if needed (weddings, funerals, visitation, and counseling).
  • Occasional Sunday preaching.
  • Other responsibilities as is gifted.


  • Meet biblical qualifications of a church leader.
  • Agree with doctrine of our church statement of faith.
  • Able to teach the Word of God effectively.
  • College/Seminary degree (or in process of completing).
  • Preferred experience in church or para-church organization.
  • Have maturing personal spiritual growth with a devotional, family, and social life that honestly reflects.
  • Has a passion to pastor students and families and see them transformed by the Gospel.
  • Has skills and disciplines capable of leading top-notch family ministry.


If interested in applying, please email your resume to

We are a Gospel centered, Bible believing and preaching, fellowship of sinners saved by grace through the Lord Jesus Christ in Kentwood, Michigan. Our desire is, for the Glory of God, to both be and produce disciples of Jesus here locally and to the ends of the earth

Faith Baptist Church is small local church taking our first steps towards revitalization. The immediate goal is to build out a bi-vocational ministry team to shepherd, serve, and equip the church family at Faith for the work of ministry and reaching the lost. We are looking for a man who is called to pastoral ministry with a heart for church revitalization and a willingness to commit to being a part of this work as a part of the pastoral leadership team that will work towards that end.

The priority of this role is to give direction to an overall discipleship strategy. In addition, this individual will have a regular teaching role and opportunities to preach in our worship services.

1. Shepherd the church in a gospel-centered discipleship strategy from Kids Ministry to Senior Adults that is consistent with the values and mission of the church.

• Ensure sound doctrine is maintained in all teaching environments in the church.
• Recruit and train teachers for Community Groups and kids and teen classes.
• Develop healthy relationships with Bible Study leaders and ensure they are well-
resourced to succeed in their groups.
• Be willing to work with and teach kids, teens, or adults as needed by the church.
• Approve, suggest, or develop curriculum and lessons for Bible Study groups.

2. Shepherd the church in and help guests feel welcomed, helping them taking next steps, getting connected in Community Groups, and engaged in service.

• Help build out hospitality and engagement systems and teams.
• Model and encourage hospitality and service to the church.
• Joyfully recruit volunteers according to needs and spiritual gifts.

3. Shepherd the church by performing general Pastoral duties. This position is first and foremost a pastoral position. Therefore, there are regular pastoral duties to be ready to perform:

• Conducting weddings and funerals when needed.
• Providing Biblical counseling.
• Attend Elder and staff meetings.
• Attend worship services.
• Share Sunday morning preaching responsibilities as needed and in keeping with
interest and ability.

1. Demonstrate a lifestyle and family life that is consistent in word and practice with the teaching of Jesus Christ.
2. A man who consistently meets and strives to maintain the character qualifications as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1‐7 (qualifications for overseers).
3. Formal theological training (Bible college, seminary, etc.) is preferred but not required if there is a demonstration of meeting the Biblical requirements of a pastor and a personal pursuit of theological instruction.
4. Be in full agreement with the Faith Baptist Church Statement of Faith.

This individual must:
1. Be a born-again believer in Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior.
2. Demonstrated a call to pastoral ministry.
3. Possess leadership and organizational skills.
4. Have a willingness to serve God and the church rather than a desire to be served.
5. Have an excitement to work in revitalizing a small church.
6. Ability to work with people of various temperaments, gifts, and passions.
7. Become a member of and be willing to be committed to shepherding Faith Baptist Church.

This is a bi-vocational position and will be working with the Lead Pastor as a part of a pastoral leadership team. We are presently able to pay this position $18,000/year with our current membership. If an applicant is gifted to lead musical worship and would desire to serve the church this way as well, this could bring compensation up to $23,000/year.

To apply, send your testimony, resume, a brief description of your spiritual gifts, a short write up about why you are interested in this position, and 5 references to:

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions via the email address above or at 706-844- 6604.

Village Point Church is a small church in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago with a big vision to reach Elk Grove and the surrounding communities with the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a long history (established in the late 1950s) and a rich inheritance. We would love for you to become part of our story! We praise God for His love and provision through the years and look forward to what He has in store for us in the months and years to come.

We are looking for a passionate, hard-working, relational leader who will build bridges to our community through intentional missional outreach. This person will have a natural gift for evangelism through networking and will be responsible for building and maintaining fruitful relationships with local civic, school, and business leaders in order to assess and address the physical and spiritual needs of our community. Reporting to our Lead Pastor, the Pastor of Outreach and Community Engagement will be expected to assist and build on our efforts toward reaching and raising disciples in order to create a community on mission outside the four walls of our church.

• Passionate follower of Jesus
• Strong desire to share and prioritize the gospel
• Servant leader
• Has a heart for engaging and cultivating community
• Builds dynamic volunteer teams
• Innovative
• Takes risks
• Tackles a challenge
• Creative
• Catalyst
• Problem solver
• Natural ability to connect with people

If any of these characteristics describe you, then we’d love to connect with you.

For a more detailed job description or to schedule an informal conversation about the role, please email your resume and cover letter to

Status:                       Full-time, Salaried (flex time as appropriate)

Salary:                      Starting at $40k (Variable depending on education and experience)

PTO:                          17 Days (limit of three non-ministry related Sundays)

Benefits:                    Negotiable

Mission Statement: The goal of the 412 SBC Student Ministries (Middle and High School) is to build disciples for Christ, equipping them to share their faith with others. The mission of discipleship in relational environments is a key component of our student ministries.

Oversight: The Student Ministries Director reports directly to the Senior Pastor and serves as a member of the SBC Leadership Staff. 

Primary Tasks: Develop and implement a comprehensive integrative ministry approach for our Middle and High school ministries and offer strategic oversight for the Pre-K through college age ministries including:

  • Volunteer recruitment and support.
  • Lead teaching teams for middle school, high school, and college.
  • Develop a seven-year scope (Curriculum development) for middle school and high school.
  • Plan and execute outreach and growth activities.
  • Maintain a strategic presence in Sparta Schools (lunches, substitute teaching, mentoring, sporting events, etc.)
  • Direct programming for MS/HS/College.
  • Facilitate trainings and leadership development for both teens and adult leaders.
  • Offer after school hang-out time 1-2x weekly.


 This comprehensive approach is based on the understanding of the priorities of the SMD to:

  • Disciple teens toward a personal and growing relationship with Christ through individual discipleship, large group teaching environments, and smaller relational connect points.
  • Develop the SBC Youth Ministry by creating irresistible environments (attractive and compelling) to which our youth will desire to invite their friends, both Christian and non-Christian.
  • Build a team of passionate adult coaches to help mentor and disciple.
  • Challenge teens to respond to God’s call to serve in their communities and world.
  • Support, assist, and equip parents in the process of discipling their teens
  • Build a ministry that engages with local middle and high schools in the area, including but not limited to collaborating with area parachurch organizations (i.e., Young Life, etc.).


Serve as Staff Liaison and Ministry Support:

  • Nursery
  • Children’s Ministry Team
  • 412 Middle School and High School Ministries
  • LAUGHS (College age)
  • Social Media, Marketing, and Website Development as appropriate


Support the Pastors as a member of the SBC Leadership Staff

General Expectations:

  • Be an advocate for youth by informing and educating the congregation about the hopes, concerns and needs of youth at SBC and the larger community.
  • Help plan, develop, and implement all aspects of a balanced youth ministry.
  • Mentor youth and young adults in developing their leadership skills.
  • Stay abreast of new resources and changes in youth ministry and youth culture and adjust our programming as needed to maintain a current and effective program.
  • Share these developments/changes with the parents to assist them in better understanding their youth and the culture they live in.
  • Participate in continuing education events and training opportunities.
  • Provide parents with opportunities for continuing support and training in specific issues related to parenting teens.
  • Recruit and train volunteers to serve in various aspects of the youth ministry.
  • Give timely reports to the SBC Elder Board regarding updates, challenges, prayer concerns, etc.
  • Serve as a liaison between the church and other community organizations, people, and resources that are connected to our youth ministries.
  • Maintain records of youth participation and strategically manage the youth ministry budget.
  • Communicate with teens and parents in a timely manner and as effectively as possible using all available resources (email, website, SM, texting, phone calls, etc.)
  • Be available to encourage, challenge, and counsel teens and parents towards effective lives as followers of Jesus (after school visits, attendance at extracurricular activities, home visits, and support during times of crisis, etc.).
  • Participate in weekly staff meetings as well as any other regular scheduled meetings as appropriate.
  • Ensure that the SBC policies and protocols are observed in all youth ministry / children’s ministry settings.


Specific Responsibilities:

  • Serve as the shepherding and administrative leader for 412 Student Ministries.
  • Train, develop, and disciple leaders and students (Grades 6th-12th).
  • Develop a seven-year curriculum format for grades 6-12.
  • Regular communication with parents, update elders, and vision casting with congregation.
  • Develop, lead, and oversee weekly/bi-weekly programing for MS/HS/College.
  • Provide discipleship counseling and spiritual guidance for parents and teens.
  • Plan and lead retreats, bike trips, mission trips, stress trips, retreats, and other events throughout the year.


Interested applicants should send a resume to

Job Summary:

The Student Pastor of Temple Baptist Church will play a crucial role in leading and shepherding the student ministry. This individual will work closely with the Senior Pastor and other church leaders to develop and implement effective strategies for nurturing and guiding our students. The Student Pastor will serve as a spiritual mentor, teacher, and facilitator, providing pastoral care, organizing activities, and developing ministry volunteers.


Student Ministry:

  • Directly over the and Sr. High School student ministry and supervising of the elementary student ministry.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive student ministry program that fosters spiritual growth, discipleship, and community.
  • Plan engaging and relevant Bible studies, small groups, retreats, camps, and outreach events for students.
  • Provide guidance and counseling to students, offering spiritual support and addressing their unique needs.
  • Recruit, train, and empower volunteers to assist in the student ministry.
  • Collaborate with parents and families to create a supportive network that encourages their involvement and participation in the spiritual formation of their children.


Pastoral Duties:

  • Assist the Senior Pastor in conducting regular pastoral duties, including preaching, teaching, and administering ordinances (baptism and Lord’s Supper).
  • Participate in staff meetings, leadership retreats, and other church-related activities.
  • Support and contribute to the overall vision, mission, and values of the church.


  • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as theology, or ministry.
  • Ordination from a Baptist church is preferred.
  • A deep passion for working with students and guiding them in their spiritual journey.
  • Strong biblical knowledge and theological adherence to the principles and beliefs of Baptist doctrine.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to connect with students, parents, volunteers, and congregants of all ages.
  • Demonstrated leadership and organizational abilities, with the capacity to plan and execute student ministry programs effectively.
  • A servant’s heart, characterized by humility, compassion, and a commitment to serving others.
  • Ability to work collaboratively as part of a team, under the guidance of the Senior Pastor.


This job description outlines the primary responsibilities and requirements for the role of Student Pastor at Temple Baptist Church. However, the specific duties and expectations may be subject to adjustment based on the needs and direction of the church leadership.


Please send your resume to

About Faith Community Church

Located in Itasca, Illinois, Faith Community Church is a young and growing multicultural and multigenerational church.

Job description

Faith Community Church is seeking a part-time (20-30 hours per week) Worship Director. The Worship Director provides pastoral and administrative leadership to the worship ministries of the church by designing, implementing, overseeing, and assessing every aspect of the church’s musical and worship initiatives under the oversight of the senior pastor.

Faith’s worship ministry has a distinctive team-based approach, currently led by a musician, and we desire to grow together in spiritual community, musical skills, and expression of biblical worship.

  • Meet regularly (currently bi-monthly) with the worship planning team to discuss music, planning, goals, and to provide support to one another as a community of fellow leaders and team members.
  • Strategize for and nurture a church-wide emphasis on worship.
  • Work with the pastoral team to plan all worship services (regularly scheduled and special events).
  • Facilitate the musical portion of worship services.
  • Facilitate all music ministries in the church.
  • Develop a process to regularly identify and deploy new volunteers in the church’s worship ministry.
  • Shepherd, train, manage, develop, and care for the volunteer worship teams.
  • Develop and oversee an annual worship ministry budget and be able to work within that budget.
  • Ensure adequate and efficient communication within worship ministries of the church.
  • Look for ways to inspire non-musical worship experiences for the church body.
  • Oversee the church’s worship tech ministry including Pro Presenter and soundboard.
  • Attend weekly staff meeting (currently evening Tuesday), rehearsals (currently Tuesday evening), Sunday morning services, and retreats.
  • Work with youth and children’s ministry leaders to find worship leaders for age-graded worship experiences within the church.
  • Oversee the maintenance of all musical instruments and related supplies owned by the church.
  • Two years of experience leading worship in a similar church setting.
  • Demonstrable skill as a vocalist and/or instrumentalist.
  • Broad knowledge of Christian worship music across multiple cultural styles and generational preferences.
  • Proficient in reading music.
  • Experience leading and managing teams.
  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree with some formal training in music (and specifically church music) is preferred.
  • A lifestyle congruent with local church leadership (1 Tim. 3:1-13; 2 Tim. 2; Titus 1:5-9).
  • Clear calling to this ministry.
  • Working knowledge of digital soundboards and Pro Presenter preferred.

For more information or to express interest, please email


  • Current covenant partner in good standing at Grace Pointe. (Candidates new to Grace Pointe must become a partner.)
  • Fulfilling the character qualifications of 1 Timothy 3:8-13 and seeking to cultivate the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22) and the attitude of Christ (Philippians 2:1-18) in all their interactions
  • Ability to work as part of the ministerial staff, and maintain positive and loyal relationships with others
  • Ability to handle sensitive issues and maintain confidentiality regarding personal information
  • Administrative skills, personable, teachable, hospitable, humble, and spiritually mature, able to perform physical tasks.


Primary Function:
Lead musical worship during all church worship services and other services requiring music (e.g. funerals). Organize worship ministry to meet the needs of the church and audio/visual ministry to support worship needs.

Reports to:
Senior Pastor (on behalf of Grace Pointe elders)


  • Sunday Morning
    • Oversee and lead all worship efforts on Sunday morning
    • Oversee audio/visual team to ensure a smooth order of service
      • Prepare the audio/visual laptop for worship each week, including importing all song lyrics, slides, and any other relevant audio/visual features for each service
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Shepherding
    • Recruit volunteers and train as necessary for worship and audio/visual ministries
    • Manage relationships and shepherd those in the worship and audio/visual
    • Manage rotation of volunteers in PCO Services in a way that does not risk burn out
    • Hold necessary meetings with team to support volunteer and ministry needs
  • Weekly Ministry Responsibilities
    • Work with Senior Pastor to plan all aspects of the worship service
    • Prepare the order of service each week by the day of the week determined by the Senior Pastor
      • Provide printed order of service to worship team, ushers, and audio/visual volunteers each Sunday
  • Schedule and facilitate brand practices, including advance-distribution of worship and materials necessary for practice.
    • Distribute worship materials necessary for practice to worship team by the day of the week determined by the Senior Pastor
  • Personally manage PCO Services app and settings to suit the church and its ministries
  • Oversee assigned budget(s), purchasing for assigned ministries, and participate in yearly budgeting process as/if required
  • Attend staff and/or other meetings necessary to fulfill ministry responsibilities

* GPC may otherwise change your duties and responsibilities and may change to whom you report and/or your work schedule as GPC’s ministry needs evolve or your demonstrated skills make appropriate.

All Partners of GPC are held to an expectation of Worship, Life Group, and Serve. All staff members should also fulfill such expectations and such activities are not counted toward office/working hours.

Other expectations are:

  1. Giving your time and resources to the vision of Grace Pointe Church.
  2. Engage in church activities and ministries in a manner consistent with your giftings.

Due to the decentralized nature of GPC, staff members working an average of more than 15 hours each week will provide an ‘End of Week’ summary to the Senior Pastor via email weekly.

This part-time job will require 10-15 hours of work each week.

The Director will be paid a weekly stipend based on background experience, relative education, and or skill set.

How to Apply:  Please visit

The Tabernacle Church is a vibrant community of believers existing to equip and encourage more families to follow Jesus.

Position Overview:

The Worship and Discipleship Pastor at The Tabernacle Church will play a crucial role in leading our congregation into vibrant worship experiences and fostering a culture of discipleship and spiritual growth. This pastoral position requires a deep commitment to sound theology and a passion for leading others in worship and discipleship. The Worship and Discipleship Pastor will work closely with the senior pastor, ministry leaders, and volunteers to cultivate an atmosphere that glorifies God and encourages the spiritual development of individuals within the church community.

The Tabernacle belongs to the Converge network of churches. The Tabernacle is reformed in theology and contemporary in style. The Tabernacle is growing and ready to spread the gospel to our local community and beyond! This is a full-time position with benefits. See our website: Send cover Letter and Resume to


  1. Worship Leadership:
    • Lead and coordinate all aspects of worship services, including planning, organizing, and leading the congregation in heartfelt worship.
    • Select appropriate music that is God-centered and gospel-saturated reflecting both the Spirit of worship and the truth of Worship (John 4)
    • Oversee the worship team, including musicians, vocalists, sound technicians, and other relevant volunteers.
    • Foster an atmosphere of reverence, authenticity, and spiritual engagement during worship services.
  2. Discipleship and Spiritual Formation:
    • Working alongside the lead pastor, implement a comprehensive strategy for discipleship and spiritual growth within the church, catering to various age groups and spiritual maturity levels.
  3. Ministry Team Leadership:
    • Recruit, train, and shepherd volunteers serving in the worship and discipleship ministries, fostering a sense of unity, purpose, and spiritual growth among team members.
    • Provide spiritual and practical leadership to the worship team, investing in their personal and musical development.
    • Collaborate with other ministry leaders to ensure alignment and integration of worship and discipleship throughout the church.

        4. Personal and Professional Development:

      • Maintain personal spiritual vitality through regular prayer, study, and
      • Pursue ongoing personal and professional development in areas such as theology, worship leadership, counseling, and discipleship.



  • A strong commitment to Reformed theology, adherence to the church’s statement of faith, and a desire to reach families in our community with the
  • A deep love for God and His people, with a passion for worship and
  • A demonstrated ability to lead worship effectively, both vocally and instrumentally, with proficiency in playing a musical instrument (e.g., piano, guitar) being advantageous.
  • A solid understanding of biblical principles of discipleship and a track record of effectively leading and equipping individuals in their spiritual journey.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to connect with people of diverse backgrounds and
  • Possession of a bachelor’s or master’s degree in theology, ministry, or a related field is preferred but not mandatory.
  • Previous experience in a pastoral role, particularly in worship leadership and discipleship, is highly desirable.


About Kenosha, WI

Living in Kenosha, Wisconsin offers a unique blend of small-town charm and big-city amenities, making it a wonderful place to call home.

One of the significant advantages of living in Kenosha is its convenient location. Situated between Milwaukee and Chicago, residents have easy access to the amenities and opportunities offered by these larger metropolitan areas, while still enjoying a more relaxed pace of life. Commuting options are plentiful, whether by car, train, or public transportation, allowing for a seamless balance between work and leisure.

Kenosha takes pride in its natural beauty, with picturesque parks, scenic bike trails, and stunning lakefront vistas. From strolling along the shores of Lake Michigan to exploring the tranquil Kenosha HarborMarket or spending a day at one of the many well-maintained parks, there are ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and embrace an active lifestyle.

Kenosha is further enriched by its strong sense of community. The residents of this city genuinely care for one another, fostering a close-knit atmosphere where neighbors become friends. Community events, farmers’ markets, and local gatherings create opportunities to connect, creating a warm and welcoming environment for individuals and families alike.

For families, Kenosha offers excellent educational options, with a variety of public and private schools dedicated to providing quality education.

About Us

West Hills Community Church is a diverse multigenerational congregation that has survived the pandemic years by God’s grace and has grown, coming back stronger. We are poised to move forward in a youthful direction.

Worship Leader Job Opportunity

  • 1/4 Time Position
  • Experienced in leading groups into God’s presence through musical worship.
  • Proficient musically (guitar or keys) and vocally. Able to lead and serve others in a team context.
  • Knowledge of contemporary Christian music as well as classical hymns.

To apply send resume and references to

Worship Pastor Job Opportunity

Faithbridge Church exists to boldly lead people to a transformed life in Christ. With this calling as a church, we strive to be a sending church who reaches people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and equips them to live on mission for him. Our worship ministry serves as an integral part of this mission by helping others cultivate their personal relationship with Jesus, praise him together with their church family, and honor him through their everyday lives. We are looking for a Worship Pastor with a heart to invest fully in our church and community as we enter the next season at Faithbridge. Coming out of the pandemic, our church is ready for a Worship Pastor who will serve under the leadership of the Senior Pastor as they work together in creating a gospel-centered worship ministry.


  1. Maturing follower of Jesus Christ, actively pursuing spiritual growth, who has submitted to believer’s baptism by immersion.
  2. Gifted musician who is proficient in one or more instruments (guitar preferred) with strong vocals and stage presence.
  3. Master of Divinity from an accredited seminary or comparable degree in a related field (MA in Worship Ministry, etc.).
  4. Affirms the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 and Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.
  5. Capable teacher who communicates God’s Word in an engaging manner.
  6. Possesses an outgoing personality, genuine love for people, and the ability to inspire them in their walk with Jesus.
  7. Passionate and skilled in personal evangelism, regularly seeking to lead people to faith in Christ.
  8. Reputation for being a person of godliness who is biblically grounded.


  1. Provide leadership and direction for all aspects of the worship ministry, including the creative use of music and the arts, audiovisual components, and talent development.
  2. Plan, coordinate, and lead gospel-centered worship experiences designed to engage the congregation, complement the preaching of God’s Word, and exalt the name of Jesus.
  3. Recruit volunteers, including musicians and vocalists, to serve within specific ministries and train them to do ministry effectively.
  4. Oversee the development and support of worship teams for other ministries in the church, including children, students, and outreach.
  5. Foster a sending culture across all ministries that challenges and equips church members to live on mission and leverage their lives for the sake of the gospel.
  6. Plan and execute all regular programming for young adults, as well as special events like retreats, conferences, etc.
  7. Focus on building relationships with ministry participants and leaders outside of church programs for ongoing ministry and discipleship.

To Apply: Please send resume and cover letter to

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