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Associate Pastor of Family Ministries


The candidate for this position must be a follower of Jesus Christ with a strong sense of call to vocational ministry within the local church. As Associate Pastor of Family Ministries the candidate will serve alongside the Senior Pastor in providing pastoral care, counseling, Biblical teaching and leadership for the body, with particular emphasis on developing, training, equipping and leading family ministries. These include marriage ministry, parenting ministry and the children and youth ministries. The candidate should have the desire and ability to interact with people across various age ranges rather than a specific one.


  1. Growing follower of Jesus Christ with strong sense of call to vocational ministry. 

  2. Minimum of Bachelor’s degree (preferably in related field) or comparable experience.

  3. Experience as either volunteer or staff member in working with families, children and/or 

  4. Strong communication (verbal and written), relational, organizational and 
computer skills. 

  5. Ability to effectively and relevantly teach the Word of God. 

  6. Ability and experience in developing and overseeing creative and impactful ministries. 

  7. Ability to recruit, train and lead others. 

  8. Agreement with the statements of faith of the Orchard Church. 

  9. Passion to see children, youth and families Know Christ, Grow in Christ and Show Christ in their lives.


  1. Lead and equip ministry teams to provide and develop ways to build healthy families in the church and community who follow Jesus. 

  2. Recruit and coordinate teachers for all children’s ministry programs. 

  3. Recruit and coordinate leaders and volunteers for all youth programs. 

  4. Work alongside parents of children and youth to equip, encourage and 
resource them for their role in raising godly families. 

  5. Coordinate the administrative responsibilities of all family ministry areas, including but not limited to budget and communication as well as relevant team meetings. 

  6. Actively mentor potential future leaders. 

  7. Assist Senior Pastor in providing pastoral care to the congregation and 
community, including counseling.
  8. Attend and represent the church at major church services and events including 
but not limited to, Sunday worship services, Annual Celebration Banquet, 
participation in a Growth Group and Prayer Gatherings. 

  9. Seek out opportunities to engage the broader community as an ambassador for 
Christ and representative of The Orchard. 

  10. Preach during Sunday worship services and teach at other studies and events as 
agreed with Senior Pastor. 

  11. Attend weekly staff meeting and participate in creative and strategic ministry 

  12. Open home for purpose of practicing hospitality and building relationships with 
individuals and families in the church and the community. 

  13. Regularly pray for the church and specific needs of the body and the community.
  14. Other responsibilities that may develop per the Senior Pastor.



  1. Reports to the Senior Pastor and elder board.
  2. Provides leadership to family, children’s and youth ministry teams 

  3. Works with all church paid and volunteer positions. 


  1. Salaried position. 

  2. Quarterly performance review first year and annual performance and salary review thereafter. 

  3. 15 annual paid vacation days, in addition to 6 paid major public Holidays (New 
Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas). One day maybe taken in lieu of public holidays depending of church calendar and events. 

  4. 1 paid day per month is to be taken as personal Spiritual Retreat day. Timing and content of these days should be approved by Senior Pastor. 

Applications to be submitted to to include:



Video sample of preaching

About MCF
Meadows Christian Fellowship has been ministering to Rolling Meadows and the surrounding communities for 65 years. Our mission is to help people know, love, and become like Jesus Christ. Over the past three years, we have been on a journey to sharpen our focus on God’s movement of kingdom multiplication with a disciple-making mindset. We believe this is a season of new beginnings.

Our Church and Community                                                                                                              Rolling Meadows is a racially, socially, and economically diverse city of just over 25,000 people in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. World-class everything is just minutes away. Here in town, we have three elementary schools, a junior high school that is literally in our backyard, and a high school with an outstanding football team. Oh, we also have a new development of 111 townhomes right next door to our property. The opportunities for life and ministry are abundant.

Our fellowship averages 130 people on a Sunday. We have space for more. We have a large building with a gymnasium that sits on 4.5 acres. We are debt-free and committed to staying that way. We have partnered with a Mandarin-speaking Chinese congregation for over 40 years. We once had a Spanish-speaking congregation and dream of having one again. We have had a long-standing Awana program, a super-creative week-long summer arts and music camp for kids K–12 called Inspiration Studio, and a summer car show that is one of the biggest around.
But with the reality of life in 2020, there’s not much going on right now.

We believe the COVID pandemic has given us a chance to slow down and evaluate. As leaders, we see this as an opportunity to focus on equipping our local body to be more effective and passionate disciple-making-disciples.

Associate Pastor of Youth and Children’s Ministry
To move forward well, we are looking for an Associate Pastor of Youth and Children’s Ministry.
Thirty-five of the cutest kids attend our church regularly. Our youth ministry consists of students from church families and neighborhood students who have found a home in our groups.
We are praying for candidates who have a strong vision and passion for a coordinated disciple-making ministry from birth to graduation. We are also praying for candidates who can develop and equip leaders within our congregation to do the work of ministry together.

If you feel intrigued by our church and are passionate about helping make disciples of children and youth throughout their development, we would love to talk with you. Inquire by email at
City of Job: Rolling Meadows
State of Job: IL
How to Apply: To apply please send your resume to



Associate Pastor of Youth & CE


    1. Spiritual – The person holding this position shall give evidence of Christian conversion and a growing spiritual maturity, be of unquestionable Christian character, loyal to the Word of God, dedicated and devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ and the to the spiritual and material welfare of the Church. He shall fully subscribe to the Constitution of the Algoma Baptist Church including the Articles of Faith and Church Covenant. He shall become a member of the congregation and be faithful in attendance and participation both in regular Sunday services and other meetings of the Church. If the person holding the position is married, it is expected that his wife will be fully supportive of his ministry here in this Church.

    2. Formal Education – Minimum of a four-year bachelor’s degree.

    3. Previous Experience – Minimum of two years’ experience in some form of Christian Education and youth ministries.


This position is ultimately accountable to the Christian Education Board, but also accountable to the senior pastor for day-to-day responsibilities.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. In Youth Ministries – Junior High & Senior High

      1. He shall develop and oversee the weekly youth group meetings for both Junior Senior High groups, including, but not limited to choosing or developing curriculum, teaching lessons, facilitating discussion time, and having time for games and/or social activities.
      2. He shall plan regular special events for both Junior and Senior High groups. These events may be at the church or elsewhere and may take the place of the weekly meeting or be in addition to it.
      3. He shall be dedicated to leading teens to personal salvation through the accepting of the Gospel and belief in Jesus Christ as their savior.
      4. He shall be dedicated to the discipleship of the church youth both during weekly meetings and on a personal basis. Discipleship may include casual conversation before or after church services, communication during the week, attendance at sports events or performances, counseling on spiritual matters, developing rapport and relationship with youth’s families, encouraging youth in outreach through inviting friends to church and sharing the Gospel, and reaching out to those who have been absent from meetings and events.
      5. He shall promote practicing spiritual disciplines such as Bible reading, Bible study, prayer, church attendance, church involvement, and sharing the Gospel with other.
      6. He shall keep up good communication about the youth ministries with the following people and/or groups: youth students, parents/guardians of youth students, the senior pastor, the CE board, and the congregation. Communication should include face-to-face conversation, phone conversation, text messages, posts in the youth group Facebook page, church announcements, and updates in church publications.
      7. He shall work with other adult youth leaders to train and equip them to effectively minister to the youth. This may be done through staff meetings, training sessions, seminars, etc.

    1. In Christian Education
      1. He shall serve as a member of the Christian Education board, and as a result, will work closely with the board and senior pastor in the total Christian Education of the Church. This will entail giving leadership to assessment and evaluation of curriculum, and the recruitment and training of all personnel. He shall consult with the CE board concerning items one through seven of section “A. In Youth Ministries – Junior High & Senior High” and submit his ministry program on a monthly basis before implementation. He shall also submit monthly bank statements at the regular CE board meeting.
      2. He shall be responsible for serving as the primary leader for the LAUGHS college small group. This leadership includes planning a meeting schedule, facilitating Biblical teaching and/or discussion, providing opportunities for prayer within the group, and developing personal relationships with group members.
      3. He shall work with the senior pastor and CE board toward the implementation of outreach events focused on children and families.
      4. He shall work with the Camp Coordinator as necessary to promote the ministry of and attendance at the Center Lake Bible Camp in Tustin, Michigan.
      5. He shall serve, as needed and able, in regular children’s ministries such as ABC Kids, Sunday School, and AWANA

    2. In Shepherding and Serving the Church
      1. He shall shepherd and serve the whole church through participation in the Sunday worship services according to his gifting. This could include Scripture reading, audio/video ministry, worship team, preaching in the absence of the senior pastor, etc.
      2. He shall shepherd and serve the church through participation in the online ministry as able and as requested by the senior pastor.
      3. He shall shepherd and serve the church by participating in church outreach events as requested by the senior pastor.
      4. He shall serve the support staff of the church by assisting them in their duties as needed, and as he is gifted.

    3. In Spiritual & Personal Growth
      1. He shall be committed to his own spiritual growth, and to the practice of spiritual disciplines.
      2. He shall be working towards professional growth in the areas of his ministry through reading, research, and, if appropriate, continuing formal education.
      3. If married, he shall be committed to the spiritual, emotional, and mental wellbeing of his whole family.


To Apply: 

Send a resume to

Crosspoint is the result of a three-church merger on November 1, 2020, bringing together 140-year-old Temple Baptist (Converge), a young Burmese immigrant congregation, and Mosaic, a 13-year-old independent, more urban congregation, under Pastor Dave Spooner.  The congregation represents different races, economic situations, ages, and handicapped folks.

Job Description

General description

The Associate Pastor shall have three main responsibilities: (1) provide pastoral leadership and oversight to our middle and senior high school ministries. (2) Develop and oversee Crosspoint’s adult small group and discipleship ministries. (3) Provide administrative leadership/oversight for projects deemed necessary or appropriate by the Lead Pastor or Leadership Council. They shall also fulfill general pastoral duties such as occasional preaching and pastoral care.



  • Strong, prayerful, and loving disciple of Jesus Christ.
  • A clear and confirmed call to pastoral ministry.
  • Team player, cooperating and interacting with the Lead Pastor and other leaders, as well as with the leaders of his ministry areas. He must be humble, servant-hearted, and loving.
  • Strong people skills, as evidenced by past ministry and personality testing.
  • Proven ability to recruit, train and motivate ministry leaders for youth and small groups.
  • If married, have a supportive wife who affirms his call to pastoral ministry.
  • Five years of church staff experience preferred. 
  • Bachelor’s degree in a ministry field required; a Master’s degree preferred.
  • Affirm Crosspoint’s Statement of Faith without reservations.



Accountable on a day-to-day basis to the Lead Pastor. He will also be accountable to the Shepherding Team. The Lead Pastor is responsible for helping the Associate Pastor keep a workable balance in his various areas of responsibility. He shall participate in an annual job review. (During the first year, informal job reviews with the Lead Pastor and one of the Shepherds will be quarterly.) Report in writing on a monthly basis to the Shepherding Team, giving key updates on ministry responsibilities.


Specific duties

  • Prayer – contemplative and intercessory prayer personally as well as a regular practice of prayer with others for the church and beyond.
  • Give pastoral and strategic leadership to our student ministries (grades 6-12)
  • Be a shepherd to our students—watching over their spiritual development, praying for them, being in regular contact with them (both in groups and personally), and attending to the unity of the group with one another and the rest of the congregation.
  • Develop an overall strategy of age-appropriate discipleship for our students. Then design the youth program of meetings, social events, outreaches, retreats, etc. accordingly. While the Associate Pastor should teach regularly, he need not teach nor even be present all the time but must see that our students are getting regular effective Bible teaching and discipleship.
  • Crosspoint is strategically situated in an ethnically and economically diverse neighborhood. Many nearby students come from unstable or broken homes. The church has a history of reaching these unchurched kids and drawing them to Christ and his family. This is an essential element of the Associate Pastor’s responsibility. We are looking for someone who is at ease working with unchurched kids.
  • Reach out promptly to visitor families who have students.
  • Recruit and train sponsors and teachers.
  • Connect with other area evangelical youth ministries
  • Give strategic leadership to Crosspoint’s small groups and other adult discipleship efforts
  • Determine, with the Lead Pastor and Shepherding Team, the format(s) of Crosspoint’s small groups. Initially, we will function on a trimester program with groups starting or restarting every 16 weeks.
  • Recruit, train and support leaders.
  • Work with the shepherding team to further develop a comprehensive adult leadership strategy encompassing all our efforts outside of the morning worship service.
  • Personal development – regular practice of reading and interaction with others on theological and other ministry subjects in order to keep growing.
  • Participate in the general pastoral care of the flock, along with the Lead Pastor. This may include some pastoral calls, counseling, helping in the morning service, and occasional preaching.


General expectations

  • This is a full-time position, generally requiring about 45 hours per week, not counting general church life functions that most members would attend.
  • To be submissive to the Shepherding Team and the congregation in accordance with Heb. 13:17.
  • To attend Shepherding Team meetings, at their invitation.
  • To be loyal to and supportive of the rest of the ministry staff.
  • To be an active learner in areas of responsibility.
  • To give whole-hearted support to the Constitution and By-laws of Crosspoint Church.
  • To be a member of Crosspoint Church. (The call by the church to the position will constitute membership for the Associate Pastor and his wife.)
  • To be credentialed with the Converge or an acceptable alternative within one year of employment.
  • To participate in church activities and ministry in addition to day-to-day responsibilities.


Our commitment as a church to the Associate Pastor

  • To love him and his family.
  • To respect his gifts and calling as a shepherd of God’s people.
  • To encourage his involvement in activities which would build personal character, professional competency, and family strength.
  • We will help you find a mentor if you do not have one.
  • We will respect days and evenings off, and vacation time, whenever possible, requiring flexibility when urgent situations arise.


Benefits – salary, holidays, and vacation to be discussed privately.


To Apply: 

Email your resume and a cover letter explaining your interest in this position to Lee Eclov at

Role: To lead, guide, and administer a creative program for the evangelism, discipleship, and spiritual development of children in Central Florida, within the vision of God’s House Orlando.

The individual or couple in this role would ideally be ordained and recognized as Pastor, but may initially be considered a director.

Requirements: Believer in Jesus Christ, evidenced by spiritual fruit, and gifts. Willing to abide, agree, and defend the biblical values of God’s House. 

Term of Employment: Full time (30-40 hours weekly), Contracted year to year, indefinitely. Employee and Employer may terminate the contract early, giving 2 weeks notice.

Supervisor: Reports directly to Lead Pastor for vision, direction, and counsel. Reports to Executive Pastor for budgetary items, purchasing, and review.


  • Pray regularly for the children and workers within the ministry.
  • Attend regularly and participate with the life of God’s House Orlando.
  • Maintain strong Christian testimony at all times.
  • Demonstrate biblical stewardship with regular tithes and offerings.
  • Recruit leaders, teachers, and leaders for all Children’s Ministry
  • Personally lead/schedule weekly services for the children at God’s
  • Work to build relationship with local schools for greater impact into the community.
  • Create a theme, decorate, design children’s areas for maximum impact
    and ministry excitement.
  • Implement technology (Computers, video elements, musical
    instrumentation, social media) to maximize evangelistic reach for
    children in Central Florida and God’s House.
  • Plan and coordinate a regular training program for all Children’s
    Ministry staff, and regular times to celebrate and affirm volunteers and
  • Oversee the purchase, distribution, and use of all equipment and supplies
    (curriculum, snacks, art supplies, etc.).
  • Communicate the church’s approved safety policy to all Children’s Ministry staff, regularly evaluate its use and take necessary steps to put the policy into practice.


To Apply: Send resume and references to Lead Pastor Sammy Pawlak at email

Summary Team Secretary duties: To provide support services to the Cornerstone Fund team.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following.  Other duties may be assigned.

  • Administrative duties: Making necessary travel arrangements for team members, preparing correspondence for mailing, managing schedules, general filing, processing expense reports, coordinating payment of credit cards, preparing for and taking minutes for meetings, maintaining policy updates and rate changes.
  • Team Support:  Daily deposit, reconcile deposit record with entered receipts, maintain office supplies, including all letterhead stock, shred checks (deposited) as needed, provide cover for loan receipts and certificate transactions, assist in production and disseminating of receipts and quarterly statements. IRA withholding tax filing.
  • Accounts Payable:  Pay bills with proper authorization, credit card bill reconciliation and payment.
  • Management reporting: Cost of Funds tracking, Assist VP Operations in month-end closing process. Bank account reconciliation.
  • Leads management:  work with Marketing to manage Investment and Retirement Plan leads.


Supervisory Responsibilities There are no supervisory responsibilities with this position.  



To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The Candidate should have a strong working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.

The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


Education and Training

Post high school education or four to six years related experience and/or training.. Specific training and experience in some marketing-related field is preferred.


Language Skills

Ability to read, analyze, and interpret general business and or marketing materials, periodicals, professional journals, technical procedures, or governmental regulations. Ability to write reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals. Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from pastors, district executive ministers, Converge staff and leadership.


Mathematical Skills

Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide in all units of measure, using whole numbers, common fractions and decimals. Ability to compute rate, ratio and percent.


Reasoning Ability

Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists. Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram or schedule form.


Physical Demands

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to talk or hear. The employee frequently is required to sit. The employee is occasionally required to stand and walk.


Work Environment

The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

The noise level in the work environment is usually moderately quiet.


How to Apply: Please send your resume and cover letter to VP of Operations for Cornerstone Fund, Paul Kruit.




To build, maintain and grow our ministry to children (infant through 5th grade) and their families to bring about the obedience of faith for the sake of His name among all the nations.


  • Demonstrated love for God, families, and children
  • Strong relational skills to both adults and children
  • Solid organizational and administration skills
  • A “both/and” mindset of reaching the children and families outside the church while loving and developing them
  • Member of Crosspoint Church or willing to become one
  • A high level of Bible proficiency desired


  • Coordinate and oversee all children’s programming, which includes and is not limited to: Sunday morning children’s church, nurseries and mid-week programming, potential Sunday school, and special events
  • Provide leadership and supervision to staff members and volunteers involved in this ministry
  • Actively recruit, train and empower a volunteer team to effectively disciple children
  • Display a Christ-like lifestyle
  • Create fun and engaging kid-friendly environments
  • Maintain a well-organized children’s ministry resource area
  • Oversee communication between the church, children, and families.
  • Provide resources for parents and families as needed
  • Collaborate with the Student Ministries to ensure the transition from Crosspoint Kids into Student Ministries is smooth for kids and families.

Hours and Pay

Part-time 20 hours a week on average. Salaried position. Office provided along with supplies and budget.   

How to Apply: Send your resume and cover letter to







Job Description: At Village Point we are empowered by God to point people to Christ. One of the ways we do that is by intentionally selecting worship songs that put Christ on display. Please visit our website to see if we are a good fit for one another.

The Director of Worship Arts is a musically-gifted, biblically-grounded and spiritually-mature Christian who can plan and lead all aspects of Sunday worship experiences and special services under the direction of the Lead Pastor. The ideal candidate has experience leading worship in a mid-size church and is passionate about shepherding and developing teams.


– Work with the Lead Pastor to plan and evaluate worship services.
– Lead weekly rehearsals in preparation for Sunday worship services and special services such as Good Friday, Christmas Eve, etc.
– Develop and implement a process to regularly identify and deploy new volunteers in the church’s worship ministry.
– Shepherd, develop and care for band members, vocalists, and AVL/Tech team.
Develop, oversee, and schedule vocalists, band & tech teams, including all sound, video and lighting.
– Maintain licensing for streaming and copyrighted worship music used at VPC.
– Create projection lyrics and video elements on Pro Presenter for all Sunday and special worship services.
– Inventory & maintain instruments and audio/visual equipment, including overseeing upgrades when needed (upon approval of Lead Pastor).
– Develop and oversee an annual worship ministry budget.
– Organize worship team gatherings twice annually.
– Perform other duties assigned by the Lead Pastor.


– At least 2 years of experience leading worship in a mid-size church.
– Proficient as a vocalist and instrumentalist (acoustic guitar preferably) who has a broad knowledge of Christian worship music across multiples styles and generational tastes
– Experience leading and managing volunteers.
– Planning on becoming a member of Village Point Church and committed to the vision, direction and leadership of the church.
– A devoted follower of Jesus who is committed to represent Him with words, deeds and attitudes, promoting the name and fame of Christ.
– A lifestyle consistent with the biblical requirements for leader (1 Tim. 3:1-13; 2 Tim. 2; Titus 1:5-9).
– An understanding of the importance of the staff as a team, thinking primarily of the interests of the church and secondarily of our areas of responsibility.
– Attend all church staff meetings and be actively engaged in the life of the church by regularly participating LifeGroups and participating in other church sponsored events.

How to Apply: Send your resume and video portfolio or social media handles to



Reports to:                      Lead Pastor and Director of Ministries

Classification:                 Full Time Employee (salary and benefits) 


PURPOSE: To produce God glorifying, engaging and nourishing worship in all RVCC worship environments by leading worship and mentoring and empowering worship leaders that serve RVCC and the wider church. To provide administrative support for the church working for the Director of Ministries. The person will split their time about 50/50 between worship and administrative duties.


  • Oversee all aspects of the Music and Worship Arts ministry within RVCC and spiritually shepherd the volunteers who serve in this ministry
  • Recruit, mentor, schedule and support worship leaders, musicians and tech volunteers
  • Plan worship services in collaboration with the senior pastor and designated RVCC staff members
  • Lead worship in rotation with volunteer worship leaders
  • Deliver a worship experience that advances RVCC’s value of multiculturalism
  • Lead and coach vocalists and instrumentalists
  • Purchase music and organize department systems
  • Assist worship leaders with band rehearsals
  • Oversee and staff with volunteers all aspects of our livestream operations
  • Assist tech ministry with band setup and strike
  • Perform specific administrative duties/operations of RVCC as directed by Director of Ministry
    • Open/close office daily 
    • Communicate through phone/email
    • Maintain files
    • Order and Maintain supplies for the church and its ministries 
    • Use Constant Contact for prayer requests, weekly newsletter, etc.
    • Maintain office/church calendar (includes tracking the building usage by other church members and/or outside contracted agreements)
    • Maintain cleanliness of church/office, especially after Sunday Worship Service and between Preschool days 
    • Maintain alarm system/codes
    • Maintain website content
    • Participates in staff meetings
    • Participates/help plans church events
    • Observes, analyzes and recommends ways to improve the church’s efforts to fulfill its mission
    • Upload worship service information from Planning Center to ProPresenter



  • Confess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord
  • Able to share with others a clear testimony of Christian faith
  • Has consistent discipline in their devotional life in worship, prayer, bible study and reflection
  • Obeys the scriptural directives for growth and development of an individual Christian life, demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit and attitudes and actions of servant-leadership as indicated in the life of Jesus and throughout Scripture
  • Embraces scriptural standards for behavior and attitudes in both physical and digital spaces
  • Pursues a vibrant relationship with the triune God through engagement with Scripture, prayer, and worship, both individually and in community.
  • Develops self-leadership: growing in self-awareness, self-management, relational integrity, and healthy practices, including rest.
  • Agrees substantially with the Articles of Faith and Constitution and By-laws of RVCC



  • Relationally warm, respectful and helpful towards others, treating people courteously and diplomatically
  • Humble. Has a teachable attitude and a desire to grow spiritually and personally
  • Has a deep sense of responsibility for and commitment to the RVCC mission, vision and values



  • Reports to the Lead Pastor and Director of Ministries
  • Works alongside all other ministry staff



  • Bachelor’s degree required.
  • 2 years full-time worship director experience preferred, but not required or the equivalent time as a volunteer worship leader.



River Valley Community Church (RVCC) was planted 17 years ago with a heart for the City of Aurora.  We are a diverse body both economically and ethnically.  We are an independent, evangelical church rooted in the Word of God that seeks excellence in all that we do as a reflection of the excellence of God.

RVCC was built on the basis of community. Our primary desire is to minister to the City of Aurora by sending people into the community. We are a church that exists to glorify God and see people transformed, through the work of the Holy Spirit, into fully developing followers of Jesus.  Our vision is to be a people who truly worship God, connect in communities that cultivate Christ-like character, and equip people to use their gifts to change the world for Christ. 

We offer a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere with thought-provoking exegetical teaching. We take our faith seriously, but our environment is casual.  “Come as you are” for coffee, conversation, music, prayer and Biblical teaching all in a casual café setting. Live worship music, intentional Bible teaching for children six months to 5th grade, and friendly people who hang out and chat are just some of the aspects we provide at RVCC.   


How to apply: Send resume and video sample of you leading worship to Pastor Lloyd Biddle at: 



Bethel Church exists to Follow Jesus and help others follow Jesus. We are in Jackson, Michigan the county seat of Jackson County in south central Michigan. We are just north of I-94, north of the city of Jackson in Blackman Township.

Bethel is a warm-hearted, evangelical, Bible-teaching, Jesus-following church founded in 1953. We are healthy, united, and growing. Before COVID, we were averaging around 300 in attendance on Sunday morning. Through these recent challenging times, we have remained financially strong.

We currently are served by a Lead Pastor who is in his fourth year and a Worship Arts Pastor who is in his eighth year. We currently have a team of fourteen elders at Bethel. We are now seeking a Pastor of Youth and Family Ministries to join our pastoral staff. We are also served by a part-time secretary, a part-time custodian, a part-time financial secretary, and a host of devoted servants.

The youth group (6-12th Grade) has about 20 in attendance in their weekly meetings. There are 25-30 children who were participating in Bethel Children’s ministries (K-5th Grade) before COVID. AWANA averaged 75 kids 4 years-6th Grade when it was meeting.

You can visit us online at You can view recent services and read our Covenant and Doctrinal Statement. We are affiliated with Converge MidAmerica.

Thanks for considering serving on our team at Bethel.  If interested, please send your resume to

Youth Ministry
• Leadership, training, and team building
• Teaching
• Scheduling
• Align discipleship plan with church model: Come, Grow, Serve

Children’s Ministry
• Leadership, training, and team building
• Help provide direction for curriculum and other programs
• Align discipleship plan with church model: Come, Grow, Serve

Family Ministry
• Support resource for families
• Provide training for parents as needed

General Ministry
• Preaching opportunities
• Congregational care
• Help develop small group ministries
• Other duties as appropriate

Full time

Position Description –
● Plan, prepare, and lead worship services that are characterized as God-honoring, celebratory, contemplative, and Christ-centered, and which empower the people of God to express thoughtful, heartfelt worship.
● Competently lead congregational singing with an authentic, friendly stage presence, and be proficient at playing either rhythm guitar or piano.
● Develop and lead the worship team and recruit as needed, while cultivating a caring and fun fellowship among worship team members.
● Work collaboratively with the lead pastor in choosing music that is conducive to the style of worship we pursue at West Hills – a blend of hymns and praise songs that are theologically rich, biblically accurate, spiritually engaging, and comfortably singable for the average congregant.
● Understand praise band instrumentation and give instruction accordingly.
● Understand basic music theory, with the ability to chart and transpose music.
● Lead worship for Wednesday night youth/kids programming, Tuesday night college & young adult ministry, and other special services throughout the year as needed (Good Friday, “Night of Thanks”, etc.).
● Oversee “Creative Arts” ministry, including but not limited to:
    o Graphic design (sermon artwork, event promotion…)
    o Marketing / Social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter…)
    o Photography, videography, and editing.
    o Website design & upkeep, podcast creation, and other media content.
● Oversee the Audio/Visual ministry (sound, lighting, worship software, video, media), with knowledge of current best practices and technology in the church world, and ability to give guidance to A/V volunteers.
● Attend weekly staff meetings and 1-on-1s with the Lead Pastor.
● Fully commit to and engage in the life of our church family, with a desire to help West Hills flourish for God’s glory.

Essential Qualifications:
● Steady, growing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ that is characterized by genuine love for God and people, and fueled by regular time in God’s Word and prayer.
● All traits of a pastor-elder as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:2-7and Titus 1:6-9 (“above reproach…”).
● A joyful, enthusiastic, humble, hard-working, servant-hearted team player with an encouraging, godly presence.
● Talented musically, with a commitment to excellence in ministry.
● Good, comfortable people and communication skills.
● Willingness to serve the body as needed or requested.
● Punctual, organized, and administratively competent.
● Full agreement with West Hills’ Statement of Faith and stated mission

How to Apply: To apply, please email résumé and video sample of you leading worship (preferably in a congregational setting) to Pastor Will DuVal at:

Bethel Baptist Church is a community of about 350 Christians who joyfully worship God and who actively seek out unchurched people to help them become authentic followers of Jesus Christ. Founded in 1888, Bethel has a long history of unity and stability. Bethel’s lay leadership is dedicated to and passionate about their roles in God’s church. Bethel’s Adult Ministries offer many opportunities for spiritual growth, outreach, and fellowship. The Children and Student Ministries partner with the parents to disciple the children and the students as they grow in their relationships with Christ. Bethel models and encourages good stewardship, allocating a significant portion of our annual budget to missions, as we work to fulfill the Great Commission.

Galesburg is home to Bethel Baptist Church. Galesburg is located in West Central Illinois and has a population of approximately 30,000 people. Our community has many features that make living and raising a family in Galesburg appealing. There are three grade schools, two middle schools, one high school, a private Catholic school (grades K-8) and a Christian school (grades PreK-12).  Galesburg also has a strong and active homeschooling community. Galesburg boasts two institutes of higher learning.  Carl Sandburg College is a two-year community college, and Knox College a four-year, liberal arts college.

Job Status:  Senior Pastor is a full-time position. It can be expected that 40 plus hours per week will be required.

Job Overview

Bethel Baptist Church desires a spirit-led Senior Pastor who professes Jesus Christ as Lord of his life, who is committed to strong Biblical preaching from God’s Word, who will challenge us to be more like Jesus. We are seeking a strong Shepherd who desires to build and foster relationships within our Bethel family and our community. He is to oversee and help care for all necessary pastoral duties required for Bethel to continue to fulfill her biblical mandate. The Senior Pastor must embrace and hold to the Affirmation of our Faith found in the constitution of Bethel Baptist Church.


The Senior Pastor shall be the spiritual leader and executive leader of Bethel Baptist Church. 

Teaching and Preaching:

  • Preach and teach the Word, lead public worship services, administer the ordinances, and lead the congregation in a practical Christian life.
  • Lead or participate in one or more of the following Bible Study, Prayer Meeting or Small Group.



  • Participate in weekly pastoral staff meetings.
  • Assist in preparing agendas for the Elder Board and congregational meetings.
  • Oversee churchwide publications as needed.
  • Be a member of the Board of Elders and an ex officio member of all ministry teams and committees and in such capacity shall strive to establish and accomplish objectives in conjunction with the strategies of Bethel Baptist Church.
  • Direct the church staff provide counsel, encouragement, and Christian discipline so as to assist the accomplishment of objectives for each staff member. All church staff members are responsible to the Senior Pastor either directly or through another staff member as he directs. Bethel has a current staff numbering four full-time pastors/directors, one part-time Director of Stewardship, three part-time administrative assistants and two part-time custodians.
  • Represent the staff to the Board of Elders.
  • Work with our existing partnerships, Converge MidAmerica and Converge Worldwide.


Pastoral Duties: 

  • Counseling on an as-needed basis.
  • Conduct member weddings as requested.
  • Conduct member funerals as needed.
  • Hospital visitation & home visitations.



  • Become and remain a member in good standing of Bethel Baptist Church
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Board of Elders.



  • Baccalaureate degree required. Master’s degree from an accredited evangelical seminary and an ordained minister is preferred. 
  • Having served as pastor or associate, minimum of five years preferred.
  • Having experience as a pastor of a multi-staff church preferred.     
  • Adheres to the leadership qualifications as detailed in I Timothy 3.
  • Evidence of a commitment to honor God by making disciples for Jesus Christ. 
  • Support traditional evangelical theology. 



Interested applicants should send a resume and video preaching sample to Kirsten at

Please note: applicants will not be considered without a preaching sample.





Pathway Community Church was started 16 years ago with the vision to reach every lost person in the region with the gospel, to redeem the culture in practical ways, and to reproduce disciples and churches. We are located in Elmhurst IL, a thriving suburb less than 20 miles west of Chicago. Our community is known for strong schools, beautiful parks, and a robust downtown.

God is at work in Pathway. Over the years, unchurched and religiously lost people have come to know Jesus and many are growing in Him. Our passion is for the Word of the Lord and our hope is to minister with love and compassion to the community.  Pathway is a family where everyone is loved and valued. We are made up of singles, empty nesters, college students, and established families. We are excited to see what God has planned for us through our next season of worship and growth.

We are looking to hire a full-time lead pastor who lives and leads from a biblical perspective to work with our team of elders and staff to cast, plan, and implement a vision for the spiritual growth of our congregation.  

Job Overview

We are looking for a servant leader, highly relational, with a clear vision for local, regional, cultural, and global ministry. He will need to have strong communication skills (both in the pulpit and interpersonally), a calling for developing new leaders, a passion for reaching people far from God, and the ability to motivate others to be a part of God’s redemptive work. He will need to understand and work with our existing partnerships with Converge MidAmerica and Converge Worldwide.

Formal Responsibilities

Leadership Skills

  • A heart for disciple making and a growing vision for how to effectively make disciples in our community.
  • The creativity to envision new possibilities for the ministry of Pathway Community Church.
  • Identify and communicate clear goals and effective strategies to achieve them.
  • The ability to recruit, lead and manage church staff to fulfill the mission of Pathway.
  • Develop an effective ministry team with staff and lay leaders.
  • Realistically assess situations and take appropriate actions.
  • The awareness of and ability to employ current technology for effective ministry.


Communication Skills

  • Strong biblical preaching that God is sovereign over the Church.
  • The ability to teach and communicate God’s Word in a variety of settings.
  • Cast and communicate a clear and compelling vision for Pathway Community Church.
  • Oversee written communications throughout the church.
  • Coordinate with worship team to plan weekly services that inspire the church and reach the community.


Relationship Skills

  • A strong encourager and lover of people.
  • Effective at interpersonal communication both as a listener and a speaker.
  • Able to identify, develop and employ the unique strengths of others.
  • Able to be a healing presence in conflicted relationships both personal and corporate.



 Personal Qualities

  • Meet the New Testament requirements for office as listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.
  • A strong devotional and prayer life.
  • An inherent grace orientation in their relationship to God and other people.
  • Energy and passion in implementing ministry.
  • Attitudes and behaviors guided by biblical principles.


Professional Qualities

  • Embrace and hold the Affirmation of Faith of Converge MidAmerica & Pathway Community Church.
  • Maintain a covenantal perspective in theology and elder-led polity.
  • Have a Master of Divinity degree from an accredited seminary or Bible college.
  • Has had experience as senior pastor supervising multiple staff (associate pastor, youth pastor, secretary, etc.).
  • Experience in and/or a heart for reaching the local community surrounding Elmhurst.
  • Has had experience as senior pastor working with elder boards.


Application Process:

Interested applicants should apply by visiting No need to email a resume or cover letter.

Please contact Kirsten at Converge MidAmerica with any questions.



Description: To provide Biblically-Centered Shepherding/Preaching/Teaching/Oversight/Leadership

Church Description:

For over 69 years, Valley View Baptist Church has been reaching our community and the world for Christ. Today, Valley View Baptist Church is searching for our next Lead Pastor, one that we believe God has already prepared for us. Valley View Baptist, a church of 45+, is a loving community. We are Christ followers in the Berean style of ministry that are very committed to the authority of the Bible, focusing on discipleship and equipping of the saints for the purpose of reaching people for Christ.


Job Description:

Leadership Skills:

  • Cast a relevant and clearly defined vision with mission statement for Valley View Baptist Church and keep it before her as a congregation.
  • In his oversight and interaction with the Deacons and church Council, he must foster and build a “team” environment.
  • Lead people to establish a mission statement, while daily caring for the congregants.
  • Ability to think strategically about opportunities and challenges.


Communication Skills:

  • Strong biblical preaching with practical application to facilitate life transformation. Consequently, the planning and preparation for weekly preaching and teaching, personal/corporate prayer and Bible study that support that activity are of a high priority.
  • Ability to teach and communicate God’s Word in a variety of settings.
  • Communicate a compelling and clear vision for Valley View Baptist Church.
  • Oversee worship planning and preparation to inspire the church and reach the community.


Relationship Skills:

  • Shepherding of the congregation in cooperative concert with the Deacons through prayer, teaching and outreach. Communication with members and attendees via in-person visitation (when possible), phone calls, texts, emails, etc.
  • Be available and accessible for assistance to members/attendees via reasonably accommodating office hours.
  • Effective at interpersonal communication both as a listener and a speaker.
  • Able to identify, develop, train, equip and employ the unique strengths and gifting of others.
  • A strong encourager and lover of people.


Personal Qualities:

  • Meet the New Testament qualifications for office as listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 & Titus 1:5-9.
  • A God given vision and passion for the Great Commission.
  • A man called to teach the inspired and inerrant Word of God.
  • A strong personal devotional and prayer life.
  • Energy and passion for implementing ministry.
  • Attitudes and behaviors guided by biblical principles.
  • Submit to and pass a criminal back-ground check.


Professional Qualities Required:

  • Embrace and hold the Affirmation of Faith of Converge MidAmerica and Valley View Baptist Church.
  • Full agreement with the Constitution/Bylaws and Doctrinal Statement of Valley View Baptist Church.
  • Previous paid pastoral/ministry experience.
  • Effective leadership as a collaborator, delegator – setting vision and mission for a church.


Professional Qualities Preferred:

  • Licensed by home originating church.
  • Ordained or seeking ordination through accredited and recognized association or denomination.
  • Bachelors or Bible Degree.


Interested applicants should apply by visiting and joining the Converge Placement Network

No need to email a resume or cover letter.

Genesis Church is a multisite church ministry in Northern Michigan. We began in Petoskey in 2005 and have since added additional sites in Boyne City and Harbor Springs. While pursuing the larger mission together, each site contextualizes our vision and values in their local community. Worship and teaching is live in each location with a teaching team that coordinates messages and shares responsibilities. 


To Know Christ and Make Him Known. 


We envision God using Genesis Church as a catalyst of hope and transformation for Boyne City as we actively engage our community and equip Families to be Christ-Centered.  


The Boyne City Site Pastor will supply the spiritual and organizational leadership necessary to help Genesis Boyne City fulfill its mission and vision. He will be coached by the Genesis Lead Pastor under the overall guidance of the Genesis Elders. The Site Pastor will lead the Boyne City Administrative Team (A-Team) in the development and execution of ministries appropriate to the Boyne City community. 


Spiritual Formation & Spiritual Care (30%) 

  • Follow-up with individual spiritual needs and questions and encourage ongoing discipleship. 
  • Provide leadership and encouragement to the small group ministry 
  • Follow-up with individual spiritual needs and questions and encourage ongoing discipleship. 
  • Oversee special needs such as hospital visits, weddings and funerals. 


Teaching & Sunday Gatherings (20%) 

  • Participate in the Genesis Teaching Team. Prepare and present a solid Bible-based message approximately 26 times a year depending on giftedness (includes some messages preached at Genesis Petoskey or other sites). 
  • Oversee coordination of Sunday ministry teams such as worship, set-up, children’s ministry, etc. 


Community Engagement (20%) 

  • Build relationships with members of the Boyne City community with an eye toward individual and community impact. 
  • Develop outreach and service events appropriate to the site. 


Administration & Congregational Communication (15%) 

  • Lead the Boyne City Administrative Team (A-Team). 
  • Oversee the publication of weekly email updates, social media posts and website updates. 
  • Respond to any inquiries for information. 
  • Handle other administrative tasks as required. 


Genesis “One Church” Responsibilities (15%) 

  • Provide leadership to the larger Genesis Church in an area of giftedness such as discipleship or outreach. 



The Site Pastor will: 

  • Have a solid Christian testimony, meeting the qualifications of a servant leader as described in I Timothy 3:1-13; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Peter 5:1-4. 
  • Embrace the Genesis statement of faith, mission, and values. 
  • Have prior ministry preaching and leadership experience. 
  • Demonstrate an obvious love for Christ and the gospel. 
  • Possess the leadership skills necessary for overseeing their area of responsibilities. 
  • Possess the study and speaking skills to provide meaningful Sunday messages. 
  • Possess the people skills necessary for equipping, encouraging, and caring for people. 
  • Possess the administrative skills necessary for delegating tasks and organizing ministry resources. 



Genesis Church exists to know Christ and to make Him known. Genesis is a place of belonging no matter where you are on your journey with God and a place where the leadership challenges and equips fellow followers to become more like Jesus by sharing the Gospel and serving others in meaningful ways. Our values center around the following phrases: 

1. Open Handed (generosity) 

2. Outreach Focused (others first) 

3. Keeping it Real (authenticity) 

4. Bringing our Best (excellence) 

5. Better Together (building partnerships to do more) 


Nestled along Lake Charlevoix, Boyne City is a gem in Northern Michigan’s crown of jewels. This growing, bustling city has it all: music, art, fun, outdoor activities, dining, shopping, biking, skiing, and more. With 3,500 year-round residents that swells to many times that size in the summer months, Boyne City’s charm is enticing. Read more at 

The ministry of Genesis Boyne was launched in 2010 to bring a gospel-centered church to the growing community of Boyne City. We have a good reputation with strong roots in the community, but we have been stalled in our mission by a pastoral transition and lack of meeting space during COVID. We are currently stable with an interim site director and a beautiful meeting space at the City Hall. We have guidance and support from the larger Genesis Church and we look forward to reinvigorating and expanding our gospel impact in Boyne City. 


You can apply at 

Questions can be directed to Scott Gardziella 

PIR Ministries seeks a part time Social Media/Communications Assistant.  PIR Ministries is a ministry partner of Converge MidAmerica.

PIR Ministries is looking for that person who can help us expand the visibility of our mission and message through a variety of communications mediums – especially in the use of social media platforms. We are a ministry dedicated to promoting hope and renewal among pastors and ministry leaders.

Our Mission: To partner with God and the Church in the work of pastoral renewal and restoration, to cultivate new hope for healthy ministry lives.

Our Communications Philosophy: Content for Relationship Building.
The ideal candidate will have a working knowledge of various social media platforms, understand the best use of each, and be experienced in using them, especially, but not limited to social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn) and media sharing (Zoom, Vimeo, YouTube, Anchor, etc.) The position will require creating, with PIR Ministries Executive Director, a social media strategy. It will also require implementing the strategy, with the ability to analyze key performance indicators and overall effectiveness and make suggestions to help PIR Ministries reach its desired goals.  The position will include interacting with PIR Ministries staff to invite content (blogs, postings, etc.) and the opportunity to train staff, as needed, on how to use the various media platforms (i.e., media sharing).
PIR Ministry values content over volume. The goal of our use of social media is to build relationships, reach those in ministry who need our tools and resources and to promote ministry health via both information and connection.

How to Apply:
If you want to work alongside those whose passion is to see pastors and churches renewed and healthy, then send a statement of interest, resume and references to

Sparta Baptist Church is committed to reaching, discipling, and launching the next generation. We strive to be an equipping and sending church who reaches people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, empowering them to live on mission with Him.  We are a grace-based community of faith who desires to be known for changed lives and how well we love.  In concert with this passion, our ministry to both children and youth is a strategic priority for us.  We want to journey with, resource, and encourage parents as they raise up this next generation of Jesus followers who will take their faith into every area of their lives and our world.  

We are looking for a full-time Student Ministries Director with a burning passion for students and a desire to invest fully in shepherding families toward experiencing God’s best in their students’ lives.  This individual would serve under and in collaboration with our pastoral team to develop a synergistic and dynamic strategy for the spiritual development of students and their families. 


  • Growing follower of Jesus Christ, actively pursuing spiritual maturity, who has gone public with their faith through believer’s baptism by immersion.
  • Bachelor of Bible or Ministry from an accredited Christian college or comparable degree in a related field.
  • Gifted teacher who communicates God’s Word in an engaging manner.
  • Possesses an affable personality, genuine love for students and their families, and the ability to inspire them in their walk with Jesus.
  • Passionate about evangelism and engaging in spiritual conversations with a desire to see people come to faith in Christ.
  • Reputation for being a person of character who is biblically grounded.
  • Holds a traditional view of marriage, sexuality, and gender while also possessing genuine empathy and interest in walking alongside those struggling with sexual brokenness and gender confusion.


Primary Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for planning and executing all regular programming for middle and high school students, as well as special events and trips.
  • Develop recreational activities for students with the goal of building community and reaching students for Christ.
  • Foster a disciple-making culture within the ministry that challenges and equips students to live on mission and leverage their lives for the sake of the gospel.
  • Provide students with ongoing opportunities for leadership development and spiritual growth.
  • Recruit volunteers to serve within the student ministry and train them to do ministry effectively.
  • Focus on building relationships with students, families, and leaders outside of church programs for ongoing ministry and discipleship.
  • Serve as staff liaison and ministry support for our Children’s Ministry Team
  • Participate in the teaching/leadership team for our college ministry
  • Serve as staff liaison for our Social Media Communication & Marketing Team
  • Other duties as agreed to as part of our leadership staff.


STATUS: Full-time, Salaried

HOURS: 40 Hours per week (Flex time as appropriate)

Salary Range: $32-38K

How to Apply:     Please send resume and cover letter to

Life Church started from scratch 7 years ago with no money, no people, no facility, and no clue.

Last year we were recognized as the 11th Fastest-Growing Church in America by Outreach Magazine + LifeWay Research.


We’re just a bunch of nobodies trying to tell everybody about Somebody.

Our lead pastor is a former comedian turned author and church start-up specialist.


We’re adding a full-time Worship + Digital Arts position to our team.

If your flavor is Hillsong United, Jesus Culture, and a dash of Jeff Deyo (sorry, no Bethel), you might be the right fit.

We’re looking for a strong worship entrepeneur, someone who is completely sold-out for Jesus, gets jacked up excited when lost people become found, and who thrives in fast-changing environments.

This position requires you to be:

– Solid in your theology but not angry about it
– Passionate about making Jesus famous
– A person of honor and integrity (1 Timothy 3, Titus 1)
– Most-likely an “I” on the DISC
– Cool with making silly videos
– Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound
– Track record of strengthening teams of volunteers/pouring into people
– Understands Apple / Wirestream / Adobe Suite
– Passionate about the Book of Leviticus. Like, we want you to have memorized it, including the liner study notes.
– Able to laugh at random Princess Bride movie quotes
– This person would be working closely with our lead pastor.

This isn’t about “getting a job,” it’s about doing life together on a labor-of-love and joining in with what God has so obviously been doing in our region.


Email your resume + two video samples: one of you leading full-blown worship and one of you doing an acoustic cover of Beyonce’s Put A Ring On It.

If you can’t pull off the videos, we’re probably not a good match for you.

How to Apply: Email your resume and two video samples to

About Faith Community Church

Located in Itasca, Illinois, Faith Community Church is a young and growing multicultural and multigenerational church.

Job description

Faith Community Church is seeking a part-time (20-30 hours per week) Worship Director. The Worship Director provides pastoral and administrative leadership to the worship ministries of the church by designing, implementing, overseeing, and assessing every aspect of the church’s musical and worship initiatives under the oversight of the senior pastor.

Faith’s worship ministry has a distinctive team-based approach, currently led by a musician, and we desire to grow together in spiritual community, musical skills, and expression of biblical worship.

  • Meet regularly (currently bi-monthly) with the worship planning team to discuss music, planning, goals, and to provide support to one another as a community of fellow leaders and team members.
  • Strategize for and nurture a church-wide emphasis on worship.
  • Work with the pastoral team to plan all worship services (regularly scheduled and special events).
  • Facilitate the musical portion of worship services.
  • Facilitate all music ministries in the church.
  • Develop a process to regularly identify and deploy new volunteers in the church’s worship ministry.
  • Shepherd, train, manage, develop, and care for the volunteer worship teams.
  • Develop and oversee an annual worship ministry budget and be able to work within that budget.
  • Ensure adequate and efficient communication within worship ministries of the church.
  • Look for ways to inspire non-musical worship experiences for the church body.
  • Oversee the church’s worship tech ministry including Pro Presenter and soundboard.
  • Attend weekly staff meeting (currently evening Tuesday), rehearsals (currently Tuesday evening), Sunday morning services, and retreats.
  • Work with youth and children’s ministry leaders to find worship leaders for age-graded worship experiences within the church.
  • Oversee the maintenance of all musical instruments and related supplies owned by the church.
  • Two years of experience leading worship in a similar church setting.
  • Demonstrable skill as a vocalist and/or instrumentalist.
  • Broad knowledge of Christian worship music across multiple cultural styles and generational preferences.
  • Proficient in reading music.
  • Experience leading and managing teams.
  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree with some formal training in music (and specifically church music) is preferred.
  • A lifestyle congruent with local church leadership (1 Tim. 3:1-13; 2 Tim. 2; Titus 1:5-9).
  • Clear calling to this ministry.
  • Working knowledge of digital soundboards and Pro Presenter preferred.

For more information or to express interest, please email

Worship Pastor Job Opportunity

Faithbridge Church exists to boldly lead people to a transformed life in Christ. With this calling as a church, we strive to be a sending church who reaches people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and equips them to live on mission for him. Our worship ministry serves as an integral part of this mission by helping others cultivate their personal relationship with Jesus, praise him together with their church family, and honor him through their everyday lives. We are looking for a Worship Pastor with a heart to invest fully in our church and community as we enter the next season at Faithbridge. Coming out of the pandemic, our church is ready for a Worship Pastor who will serve under the leadership of the Senior Pastor as they work together in creating a gospel-centered worship ministry.


  1. Maturing follower of Jesus Christ, actively pursuing spiritual growth, who has submitted to believer’s baptism by immersion.
  2. Gifted musician who is proficient in one or more instruments (guitar preferred) with strong vocals and stage presence.
  3. Master of Divinity from an accredited seminary or comparable degree in a related field (MA in Worship Ministry, etc.).
  4. Affirms the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 and Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.
  5. Capable teacher who communicates God’s Word in an engaging manner.
  6. Possesses an outgoing personality, genuine love for people, and the ability to inspire them in their walk with Jesus.
  7. Passionate and skilled in personal evangelism, regularly seeking to lead people to faith in Christ.
  8. Reputation for being a person of godliness who is biblically grounded.


  1. Provide leadership and direction for all aspects of the worship ministry, including the creative use of music and the arts, audiovisual components, and talent development.
  2. Plan, coordinate, and lead gospel-centered worship experiences designed to engage the congregation, complement the preaching of God’s Word, and exalt the name of Jesus.
  3. Recruit volunteers, including musicians and vocalists, to serve within specific ministries and train them to do ministry effectively.
  4. Oversee the development and support of worship teams for other ministries in the church, including children, students, and outreach.
  5. Foster a sending culture across all ministries that challenges and equips church members to live on mission and leverage their lives for the sake of the gospel.
  6. Plan and execute all regular programming for young adults, as well as special events like retreats, conferences, etc.
  7. Focus on building relationships with ministry participants and leaders outside of church programs for ongoing ministry and discipleship.

To Apply: Please send resume and cover letter to

Worship Pastor Job Opportunity

Job Description and Responsibilities

  • Oversee the Worship Team including their development and growth, both spiritually and technically
  • Lead worship services and Sunday pre-service meeting
  • Proactively plan (at least 4 weeks in advance) and ensure the Worship Team is staffed properly at each service
  • Build a bench to ensure a ready supply of talent for the Worship Team
  • Lead and develop teams to ensure successful worship events including communion, baptism, and child dedication; create and develop online church worship videos; assist with church-wide special events
  • Attend and participate in weekly staff meetings
  • Volunteer encouragement
  • Network in business community, music community, and secular music community



  • Ability to develop others
  • In alignment with Grace River Church values
  • Exceptional collaborator
  • Attention to detail
  • Possess a “get it done” entrepreneurial spirit
  • Values continued personal professional training and development
  • Ability to work well with and develop volunteers
  • Experience leading a Worship Team


To Apply:

Please visit and complete our online application


Worship Pastor Job Opportunity (Fulltime, Salaried)

Mission, Vision, Strategy and Values of (Harmony)

Harmony exists to teach and live Biblical truth and be a place of unwavering commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Mission is to Change our world by growing Christ Followers who Love Jesus, Love Others and Make Disciples who Make Disciples. Our Core Four contains our Mission, Strategy and Values. We are committed to: Love Big, Grow Deep, Serve Passionately and Go Boldly.

About this Role

The role of the Worship Pastor is to lead all aspects of the worship life within Harmony, which involves envisioning, equipping, and mobilizing the musical talents of volunteers. The Worship Pastor shepherds people in authentic worship through the experience of music and in the creative efforts of the church.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Serve as the primary worship leader for Harmony.
  2. Build, direct, coordinate, and develop the band.
  3. Lead weekly rehearsals for the band and schedule team members.
  4. Post chord charts, MP3s and other necessary elements for the band each week.
  5. Lead/Participate in all production and creative meetings. This includes assisting in the overall programming and execution of creative elements in the worship experience (i.e., props, songs, video elements, etc).
  6. Assist with providing music at occasional services such as weddings, funerals, etc, or arrange for others to do so.
  7. Train or facilitate training for singers and instrumentalists.
  8. Manage and maintain the musical instruments and music technology equipment, video and lighting equipment, and keeping up to date with developments.
  9. Manage the music budget in accordance with the financial policies of the church.
  10. Build a library of music and support materials, within planning center.
  11. Pastor, coach, and care for all worship team volunteers, taking key leaders to other services, conferences, and meetings that will help equip them for the work of the ministry.

Strengths and Skillset

  1. Passionate about bringing God’s people close to His heart in worship.
  2. A good “team player” and team builder with experience in supervising, motivating and encouraging others.
  3. Able to keep calm under pressure and respond in a measured way in stressful situations.
  4. Conducts life with the utmost integrity in all situations.
  5. Able to maintain confidentiality and discretion.
  6. Proven organizational and administrative skills.
  7. Able to set realistic goals and targets and be able to set a pace of work that is sustainable in the long-term.

Key Performance Indicators

The strategy of the ministries that the Worship Pastor leads reflects the overall growth strategy of the church:

  • Develop disciples and leaders.
  • Serve, engage and invite the community.
  • Grow (Ministry) who help others grow in faith.


The Worship Pastor will be evaluated on the following three metrics:

  1. Growth of worship team in numbers, ability and in Next Steps for Christ.
  2. In collaborating with pastor and teaching team in creating and following preaching calendar.
  3. Recruitment, training and developing volunteers to serve effectively in the Worship Team.

Personal Responsibilities

While not specifically related to the job, here are some personal responsibilities of everyone on staff at Harmony.

  • Maintain God-ordained priorities in your life by putting Jesus Christ first, your spouse second, your children third and the ministry fourth.
  • Give at least 10% of your income toward the mission and vision of Harmony.
  • Be loyal to the vision and staff of Harmony and always protect the unity of the church.
  • Demonstrate a Christ-like attitude through all interactions with congregation, staff, and volunteers.
  • Invest and invite the lost to know Jesus and come to Harmony.



This is a full-time, salaried position around 40 hours a week, with office or remote location options. You may need to travel 5-10 nights a year for team retreats, conferences, etc.

To Apply:

Please email resume to

Pathway Community Church was started 15 years ago with the vision to reach every lost person in the region with the gospel, to redeem the culture in practical ways and to reproduce disciples and churches.

God is at work in Pathway. Over the years unchurched and religiously lost people have come to know Jesus and many are growing in him. Pathway is a family where everyone is loved and valued. We are made up of singles, empty nesters, college students, and established families. Now that we have our own building we are excited to see what God has in store for us.

We are looking to hire a part-time worship pastor will be responsible for creating, planning and overseeing all aspects of our weekly Sunday morning worship gathering in order to lead people into the presence of God.

Specific expectations:
• Work with the Lead Pastor each week to prayerfully plan, develop, implement, the worship set for the Sunday worship gathering.
• Serve as the primary worship leader for the worship gathering.
• Usher the church family into the presence of God by planning, developing, implementing, and directing weekly worship gatherings that minister to people from a variety of different ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds.
• Recruit, train and ensure all vocalists, instrumentalists are prepared for the worship gathering.
• Lead/oversee weekly rehearsals to make sure everyone is prepared spiritually and musically.
• Oversee Pro-presenter so it is ready to project the words to the songs each Sunday morning.
• Organize and maintain a systematic database of worship music and songs.
• Introduce new worship songs to help us best express our praise to God.

1. A growing disciple of Jesus Christ whose life clearly manifests the fruit of a vital relationship with God and a love for the Gospel.
2. A vibrant prayer life, a sincere love for all of God’s people, generous with one’s possessions and talents, and a teachable spirit.
3. Possess the spiritual gifts and/or abilities of pastor/shepherd, encouragement, leadership, and administration.
4. Possess skills of organization, consistency, and structure – a demonstrated self-starter, who is goal-oriented, creative, and has a very strong work ethic.
5. Must be a team player and team builder who focuses on the good of the corporate whole and can inspire others to work together to achieve excellence.
6. Ability to recognize, recruit, and shepherd vocalists, instrumentalists, etc.
7. Must become a member of Pathway Community Church and endorse and work in accordance with the values, mission, vision and statement of faith of the church.

1. Reports to Lead Pastor.
2. Responsible for recruiting and training all instrumentalists, vocalists, sound and tech support for the Worship Ministry

Type: Paid part-time position.

To Apply:
If you would like to apply for this position, please email your resume to


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