Minister's Assistance Program (MAP)

We are devoted to caring for our pastors and their families.

We recognize that life and ministry are stressful. To help with that reality, we offer a counseling referral program to our pastors and their families. 


All full-time pastors, pastoral staff, spouses and children (college age and under) are eligible to receive nine sessions per calendar year (with a qualified counselor named on this site). Each session requires a $25 co-payment paid directly to the counselor by the pastor or family member. Converge MidAmerica will cover $70 per session up to nine sessions per calendar year. Any balance needs to be submitted to your insurance. If your counselor requires payment for a “no show” or a late cancellation, it will be your responsibility to pay the full fee, rather than just the co-payment.


Contact the counselor directly for appointments. All counseling records are private between the counselor and client. Your counselor will give you a copy of the “Client Satisfaction Form” when he or she is ready to bill Converge. Your counselor will not be paid until we receive your client satisfaction form, with dates of service. It is, therefore, important for you to send the form to Converge MidAmerica immediately after your counselor gives it to you. Your name is not required on the form. Your Client Satisfaction Form will verify the dates of the sessions on the counselor’s bill.

Additional Services

If more than nine sessions per year are needed, consult your insurance or spouse’s insurance for possible coverage. Check with your counselor. Some have sliding scale fees for Christian professionals. If none of these options work for you, please call us.


This is a referral-based program. We feel the counselors listed are competent and can be of help. But, you are ultimately responsible to make judgments regarding your welfare and that of your family. We encourage you to interact openly with your counselor about any expectations you have.

Take the next step

Please contact Wanda Manning if you need further assistance finding a counselor or if you are a Christian counselor who is interested in becoming one of our MAP providers.