Caribbean Partnerships


Converge Caribbean exists to start, strengthen, and sustain catalytic churches that will train transformational leaders throughout the Caribbean.


Our goal is that we would grow long-term, mutually beneficial relationships throughout the Caribbean between and in support of the local church. Our dream is that every one of our stateside churches would be in partnership with a Caribbean partner church. Both churches would be encouraged and strengthened as they live out the truth that we are truly “Better Together.”

If you and your church are interested in partnering with Converge Caribbean in reaching the lost for Christ and walking alongside a church in the Caribbean, please fill out the interest form on this page, and we will be in touch to discuss partnership opportunities.

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Interested in partnership in the Caribbean?

Please pray for our Converge Caribbean Missionaries.
Raoul Armbrister
Steve Storkel
Tom Frakes
Jephthe Lucien
Please consider supporting the starting and strengthening of churches throughout the Caribbean.