Is your church healthy? How do you know?

We wouldn’t forsake a regular trip to the doctor to find out about our physical health, so why wouldn’t we do regular “check-ups” to make sure our churches are healthy? The truth is, healthy churches are willing to do an honest assessment of what their current reality is and then dream and strategize towards a preferred future. At Converge MidAmerica | Southeast | Caribbean, we want to provide a variety of opportunities that will allow you to assess your church health. Following are a list of assessments you can participate in with coaching from Converge MidAmerica | Southeast | Caribbean.

Natural Church Development

Natural Church Development (NCD) is an assessment tool based on an international study of 1,000 churches in 32 countries with the goal of discovering principles of church health that are universally valid across cultures. The research findings confirmed eight quality characteristics, or eight systems that keep a church engaged in God’s mission in a healthy manner. These eight systems are:

  • Empowering leadership
  • Gift Based Ministry
  • Passionate Spirituality
  • Inspiring Worship
  • Effective Structures
  • Need Oriented Evangelism
  • Holistic Small Groups
  • Loving Relationships

An NCD assessment will pinpoint areas of strength and weakness in your church, helping determine what systems are working and which ones need attention. A Converge MSC coach will help guide you through an action plan of improvement.  The NCD is available in English and Spanish. 

The cost:                       

  • $300 for Converge churches – initial survey 
  • $400 for Converge churches – subsequent surveys
  • $800 for Non-Converge churches

Auxano Vision Framing

There are thousands of churches in America whose mission is the Great Commission. It is, after all, our collective call as churches. But how does each local church fit into that collective call? God has called your church to create a gospel picture, a vision of your future that is unique to you. Surrounding that beautiful vision picture is a frame that draws attention and focus to that vision. Vision Framing is a several month/meeting long intensive for your church leadership to build and affirm that frame and picture, resulting in increased focus and intentionality to God’s specific call to you and your church.

The cost to take your church leadership through Vision Framing is:

  • $3000 for Converge churches (includes travel)
  • $3000 for Non-Converge churches (plus travel)


If you would like to schedule Vision Framing for your church, please contact Bryan Moak at


Auxano Vision Planning

This second piece of the Vision process is all about creating long and short term vision and strategy for the beautiful picture of your church that exists within the Vision Frame. You’re going to create a 5-10 year vision for the church. You’re going to create 4 strategies to help get you to that 5-10 year vision. You’re going to create a 1 year theme for the church, and 4 strategies to propel that year long theme. All of this helps you and the the church create movement to achieve the God given vision for your church. The Vision Planning process is a two full day retreat that works great as a follow up to the Vision Framing process, or can be used as a stand alone process. 
The cost to take your church thru the Vision Planning Process:
  • $1,500 for Converge churches (includes travel)
  • $2,500 for Non-Converge churches (plus travel)
If you would like to schedule Vision Planning for your church, please contact Bryan Moak at


Leading From Your Strengths

Not to be confused with “Strengths Finder,” “Leading From Your Strengths” is a leadership tool that helps you understand in a fresh way that no two people lead the same way. Just as God has uniquely wired us in our personalities, he has also uniquely wired us in terms of how we lead. The problem is, we are often caught in a trap of leading in ways we weren’t wired to lead.

“Leading From Your Strengths” deals with the 70/30 principle. Are we working in our strength area/passion area/tank filling areas 70% of the time, and our growth areas/tank drainer areas 30% of the time?

Beyond the personal assessment, this tool was built with teams in mind. Understanding the way that God has wired the other members of your team will help your effectiveness as a team, as well as where you may need to think through the type of person that will help round off your team. Whether you are a team that has been together for a long time, or you are a brand new team, “Leading From Your Strengths” WILL improve your work together for the Gospel.

The cost:

  • $200 plus $35 per participant for Converge churches
  • $400 plus $35 per participant for Non-Converge churches


If you would like to schedule a Leading From Your Strengths assessment for your church, please contact Bryan Moak at


Ministry Match Assessment

The MinistryMatch Assessment is a tool that equips your church’s leadership to assess and coach ministry staff and help lay leaders find satisfying ministries.  Measuring the following areas, the MinistryMatch Assessment provides normed individual reports and a team profile:

Temperament – Characteristics that describe the way an individual responds to ministry situations.

Motivated Role – Describes how an individual approaches projects or ministry objectives.

Leadership Style – Similar to the DiSC behavioral profile, this assesses how individuals usually impact and lead others.

Participation Style – Describes how an individual interacts as a member of a decision-making group.

Functional Spiritual Gifts – Identifies gifts God has given an individual that can be expressed in Christian ministry.

Ministry Values – Allows an individual to prioritize their ministry values from strong values to anti-values.

The cost:

  • $200 plus $36(Pro)/$12(Laity) per participant for Converge churches
  • $400 plus $36(Pro)/$12(Laity) per participant for Non-Converge churches 


If you would like to schedule MinistryMatch Assessments for your church team, please contact Kirsten Andreson at