Jeff Forester Baptism

Heritage Church: Impacting Lives, Sharing the Gospel, and Fostering Growth

Heritage Church, nestled in Sterling Heights, Michigan, has made an indelible mark on its suburban community, located just 12 miles north of Detroit. With a neighborhood rooted in engineering, automotive industries, and a blend of first and second-generation white-collar workers and small business owners, the church’s mission to reach those far from God is incredibly vital.

According to Heritage’s pastor, Jeff Forester, over the past 17 years they have seen remarkable growth, evolving from a modest gathering of around 240 attendees annually into a thriving congregation of approximately 3,800 individuals. This meteoric rise is a testament to their unwavering commitment to sharing the gospel and witnessing lives transformed by faith.

What sets Heritage Church apart is its resounding impact on individuals’ lives. An astounding 3,380 people have been baptized during their journey, a testament to their dedication to seeing lives transformed rather than focusing solely on numbers. In July, they rented a baseball stadium for a memorable baptism event, witnessing 159 individuals publicly declare their faith in Christ.

The church’s vibrant ministry has also forged meaningful partnerships and is deeply connected to Converge, a network of like-minded churches. This partnership has enriched their ministry and fostered a sense of belonging within a supportive community of churches. Heritage Church has also joined forces with the Timothy Initiative, a global ministry empowering individuals to become disciple-makers, allowing them to expand their reach and fulfill their mission more effectively.

As the church continues to thrive, they face the challenge of limited space, prompting active efforts to launch a new location. They have already added a fourth Sunday morning service to accommodate their growing community and are developing a comprehensive discipleship program, equipping individuals to become disciple-makers and ensuring their impact continues to grow.

Heritage Church’s affiliation with Converge in 2015 was driven by their desire to find a tribe of like-minded churches. They recognized the importance of partnership as they continued to grow and sought to plant new churches. The supportive and collaborative atmosphere within Converge aligns perfectly with their mission to start churches, strengthen existing ones, and send people out to make a difference.

Heritage Church’s remarkable journey, unwavering gospel sharing, and dedication to transforming lives have fueled their substantial growth and impact. Their affiliation with Converge and collaboration with organizations like the Timothy Initiative have enriched their ministry and extended their reach. As they look ahead, Heritage Church remains steadfast in their mission to make disciples and impact lives for Christ.