Unlocking the Potential: Embracing the Natural Church Development Survey for Church Health

By: Gary Rohrmayer

In the ever-evolving landscape of the modern church, understanding and nurturing the health of the congregation is paramount. Enter the Natural Church Development (NCD) Survey, a transformative tool crafted by Christian Schwarz. This survey doesn’t just measure; it inspires churches to embark on a journey of self-discovery, fostering vitality and growth.

At the heart of the NCD Survey lies a profound commitment to unlocking the latent potential within each congregation. It goes beyond the routine metrics and delves into eight key systems that constitute the DNA of a thriving church. As church leaders and members, embracing the NCD Survey is not just about evaluation; it is an invitation to pursue self-discovery and growth.

Empowering leadership is the cornerstone of healthy churches.

The NCD Survey challenges leaders to go beyond conventional models, urging them to empower every member of the congregation. Imagine a church where each individual is not just a spectator but an active participant, contributing their unique gifts and talents. The NCD Survey prompts leaders to cultivate an environment where the leadership is not just top-down but inclusive, fostering a sense of ownership and shared responsibility.

Gift-oriented ministry, another vital characteristic highlighted by the NCD Survey, is a paradigm shift in how churches approach service. It beckons congregations to move away from mere task assignments and instead focus on aligning individuals with roles that resonate with their natural abilities and passions. When members find fulfillment in their ministries, they become ambassadors of positivity, radiating enthusiasm that propels the church forward.

Passionate spirituality is the pulse that sustains a healthy church.

The NCD Survey challenges churches to move beyond ritualistic practices and instill a vibrant, authentic connection with God. This is not about going through the motions but about fostering an environment where individuals are inspired to pursue a profound, transformative relationship with their faith.

Effective structures, often overlooked but crucial for organizational health, are brought to the forefront by the NCD Survey. It encourages churches to assess their administrative processes, ensuring they are not hindrances but enablers of the church’s mission. A well-organized structure frees up energy and resources, allowing the church to focus on what truly matters – its core mission.

Inspiring worship services are the heartbeat of a thriving church.

The NCD Survey challenges churches to evaluate the impact of their worship services on the spiritual vitality of their members. It’s not about performance but about creating an atmosphere that engages and uplifts, facilitating meaningful encounters with the divine.

Holistic small groups, need-oriented evangelism, and loving relationships round out the eight characteristics that the NCD Survey explores. Together, they paint a holistic picture of a church that is not just surviving but thriving – a place where individuals grow spiritually, find community, and impact the world around them.

So, why should your church embrace the NCD Survey?

It’s not just about measurement; it’s about illumination. The survey becomes a mirror reflecting the strengths and areas for improvement. It’s an empowering tool that equips churches to strategize, prioritize and embark on a journey of intentional growth

In the world of church health, the NCD Survey is not just a survey; it’s an invitation to transformation. It’s a call to embrace change, to cultivate a culture of empowerment and authenticity. It’s a reminder that every church, regardless of its size or context, has the potential to be a vibrant, impactful force in the kingdom of God. Growing churches establish rhythms of health. At Converge, we encourage our churches to use May as the month to start the NCD journey and we provide a coach to walk with them to guide and encourage them along the way.

As you consider implementing the NCD Survey in your church, remember that it’s not just a process; it’s a partnership. It’s a partnership between your congregation, the Holy Spirit and the biblical principles that underpin a healthy, thriving church. So, let the NCD Survey be the catalyst that propels your church into a season of growth, vitality and fruitfulness. The journey awaits, and the potential is boundless.

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