Advance:  Strengthening Churches For Gospel Movement

Advance is a podcast devoted to helping strengthen churches for gospel movement.  We’ve learned all sorts of lessons, mostly from the things we didn’t do right. But God has been faithful, and He has blessed us in a myriad of ways. We hope that this podcast will encourage you as a pastor and leader, and just maybe God will remind you that He’s got this. Just maybe we will be reminded again that He’s the one who brings the growth to our churches. Just maybe we will discern in a new way our particular part to play in His grand and ever expanding Kingdom. Thanks for listening!

101 Questions Church Planters Ask

The whole purpose of this podcast is to answer questions that many church planters face.  Everything from “Are there church planting grants?” to “How to find a church building” to “How do I find the best church planting coaches” “should I join a church planting network or denomination?” and many more.  The best part is that if you don’t see or hear your question you can submit it on the website, chances are if you are asking it so is another church planter.