Meet Barb Ehlers, Church Relationship Catalyst

We are thrilled to announce Barb Ehlers’ new role as a Church Relationship Catalyst for the US Engagement team with Converge International Ministries.

Barb Ehlers lives in the Chicagoland area and is married to Pat Ehlers. They have three boys: David, 32 (married to Franchesca with two girls, Leah and Audra), Jordan, 25, and Jonathan,19. She and her husband met at their church where she has been leading, coaching and mentoring in the Jr. High and High School Ministry for 25 years.

After serving as the Relationship Specialist with the Converge Cornerstone Fund for the past eight years, Barb has met hundreds of pastors and has come to deeply understand the unique challenges they face. Over the past two years, she has felt God moving in her heart and calling her to serve Him in a new direction. She is so excited to join the U.S. Engagement Team! She will help build strategic connections and greater awareness between Converge churches and their International Ministry Initiatives. She desires to walk alongside Converge missionaries and advocate for them with our churches and districts so they can confidently face the mission field using the gifts and passions God has blessed them with while helping others know and follow Jesus.

The U.S. Engagement team’s goal is to connect churches with global missionaries and their projects. They do this by helping coach churches on how to increase the impact of their mission through their free 2:10 FOCUS coaching process that is offered to any church interested. Missions is an extension of the local church, and the team desires to empower the local church to engage with global missions so that they can reach the lost for Christ here, near, and FAR just as Christ has asked us to do in the Greatest Commandment and the Great Commission. By helping more churches engage in global missions, they will fully staff and fully fund 20 worldwide regional Initiatives with more than 400 missionaries by 2026.

If you would like to get in touch with Barb, she is still in her ministry partner development role and is praying that God will provide individuals and churches that feel led to be ministry partners with her financially and through prayer so that she can begin the work that she feels like the Lord has called her to. If your church wants to know more about the global work of Converge IM or how to become a ministry partner, please get in touch with her at or check out her ministry page at


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