Life Connection Church’s Inspiring Mission in Cuba with Converge MSC

Written by Ailaine Cruz, member of Life Connection Church

Converge MSC’s mission is to start and strengthen churches, our desire is healthy churches. We believe this goal can be reached as our partner churches go forth and partner with other churches within our district to further strengthen and collectively grow in healthiness. As our district has expanded into the Caribbean, new opportunities have arisen. Life Connection Church (LCC) in Orlando FL has taken such an opportunity to serve God’s church among the nations.

Pastor Ric Doguiles, from Life Connection Church (LCC) in Orlando FL, always dreamt of having a multicultural church. So, when he met Pastor Ran Perez, and his wife, Pastora Marilee, who are from the city of Camagüey, Cuba, he invited them to start a Spanish service in their church facility back in 2022. A beautiful partnership was started. Pastor Ric got wind of the fact that the couple founded several rural churches in Cuba and they continue to work closely with the local pastors.

A year later in January of 2023, Pastor Ric and his leadership team visited Cuba and they saw firsthand the desperate plight of the churches there. They lack access to healthcare and basic transportation, among other common necessities. The local pastors were walking for miles and hitching horseback and tractor rides for church and visitation. When Ric returned to Orlando, he appealed to his congregants about the dire need of humanitarian attention to the churches there and they responded to the call. Life Connection Church was able to raise funds to provide a generator for the main church facility and establish a medical triage facility at the church to address the basic medical needs of the community. LCC was also able to raise funds to buy 4 motorcycles and donate 2 bicycles for the local pastors to use in their ministry.

In July 2023, LCC again embarked on a medical mission to Cuba. On this trip, the team was able to bring 2,170 pounds of medicine, food, and other supplies. Their medical volunteers were able to train the various church members in CPR and First Aid techniques. Along with this, LCC has helped establish 3 medical posts with their church partners in Camagüey, Las Tunas, and Monte Santo. LCC’s support has also provided the ability to hire a nurse who will travel once a month to each church to tend to basic medical needs as well as staff to manage the pharmacy/medical triage in Camagüey.

While they made great strides in their missionary and humanitarian efforts in Cuba, the congregation of LCC knew that there was still a lot to accomplish. Later in the year, LCC had a charity gala and held multiple rummage sales in their facility. All in all, LCC has raised a total of $38,000 to support the cause and has sent a total of 3,800lbs of medical supplies since this outreach has started. There are now 16 thriving rural churches in Cuba that are being supported by LCC. They continue to be an important partner in the incredible work that God is doing in Cuba. During the charity gala, Pastora Marilee expressed her heartfelt gratitude to all the generous donors on behalf of the churches in Cuba. The partnership from LCC has made a lasting impact in many lives and has created a network of local churches in Cuba that is vibrant and stronger than ever.

If your church is interested in growing a relationship with a church in the Caribbean, to see how the Lord might use you as He did Life Connection Church, please contact us. Learn more about upcoming opportunities and Converge MSC’s work in the Caribbean here.