My name is Gary Rohrmayer, the President of Converge MidAmerica.

My Converge story began as a 27-year-old, fresh out of Bible College, armed with nothing but a passion for evangelism and loads of inexperience. I searched for a church planting network that I could connect with both relationally and theologically.

This search led me to a group of leaders known today as Converge. They opened their arms to me. They believed in me, and they helped me see my church planting dream become a reality. What Converge offered me was a perfect balance of freedom, resources, encouragement, and opportunity. That was 30 years ago and over 160 churches later.

I would not have had the opportunities, the impact, or the friendships I have today if I had gone out on my own to plant a church. I would never be where I am if it wasn’t for this movement called Converge.

Converge MidAmerica is a missional network of gospel-driven churches striving together to start and strengthen churches throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Converge MidAmerica is a proven church planting force reaching people from every segment of society. We are a missional network of like-minded churches who have worked together to start over 160 new churches since 2000.

Converge MidAmerica is serious about church health. With a number of new church strengthening initiatives, we are committed to seeing every one of our churches grow strong relationally, spiritually, and missionally.

Converge MidAmerica is part of Converge, who, in the last 25 years, has planted over 700 churches throughout the United States. Maybe a partnership with Converge is in your future. We would be happy to walk with you in exploring this relationship together.


Interested in Joining Converge?

If you’re not part of a network and would like some help in strengthening and growing your church we’d love to chat.  We have a number of resources to help you personally and maximize the health of your church!