Healthy Churches have Healthy Pastors!

Healthy Churches have Healthy Pastors!

“If the pastor isn’t healthy, the church isn’t healthy.” This statement has never been truer than it has been in the last couple of years. Pastors have struggled to stay healthy with all the issues surrounding COVID, let alone all the other myriad of issues that regularly surround church leadership.  Some pastors have simply thrown in the towel and said “I’m done with ministry. It’s just not worth it”. How sad when that happens! Many of these pastors held those feelings to themselves and never felt comfortable talking with anyone about their struggles. Obviously, we want our pastors to be able to share with each other. We, as regional leaders, want to be there as well. But sometimes you need to talk to someone who is outside your circle, someone who has the ability to walk with you, confidentially, and spiritually.

Converge MSC has just such a resource, it’s called the MAP program. The MAP program (Minister Assistance Program) exists to allow pastors, spouses, and any children living in your home to do up to 9 counseling sessions each per year with a licensed professional counselor for only $25 a session. That also includes any other full-time pastoral staff at your church, along with their spouses and children as well.

Counselors can be chosen from a list you can find on our website Each counselor has been vetted regarding their testimony in Christ, their agreement with our Converge Statement of Faith, and their education and licensing qualifications. Each counselor has also agreed to the MAP program policies and procedures. We are always eager to add more counselors in our ever-expanding region, so the list is always changing.

We have sought to make the MAP program as “doable” as we possibly can so that you might say yes to this opportunity. You don’t have to be in crisis to use the MAP program (although if you are, please do). We know that it’s important to do an annual physical with your doctor to make sure there is nothing going on in your body that will make you sick.  We believe it is important to do a check-up to make sure you’re mentally, spiritually, and emotionally healthy as well.

The MAP program exists in no small part because of your generous giving. Each year we spend $20-30k to allow our pastors and families to use the MAP program, and we would love for that number to climb as more and more pastors and families see the incredible importance and benefit of seeking out counseling. So thank you for your generosity.

Pastor, we encourage, no, we implore you to not take lightly the gift of the MAP program for yourself and for your family. Don’t keep yourself from resolving issues, conflicts, tricky relationships, or anything else that you need healing from so that you might be the healthy pastor your church needs. You are loved!


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