5 Ways to Practically Participate in Church Planting Weekend

Church Planting Weekend is an annual movement-wide celebration for Converge. During the first weekend in June (or any weekend between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day), take time during your services to share with your congregation about church planting and multiplication — what it is, why it’s important and why your church is involved — and your partnership with Converge. Here are a few ideas on how to highlight Church Planting Weekend in your church:

  • Invite a church planter.

Asking a church planter to come and speak at your church is a great way to celebrate Church Planting weekend. It gives a church planter the opportunity to share about their plant, and allows your church community to feel part of a broader movement of church growth in your region.  Feel free to contact me (danny@convergemidamerica.org) if you would like an introduction to a current church planter in our network.  

  • Share Our Church Planting Video.

Converge MidAmerica created a short video that shares the impact that being a part of Converge has on a new church planter. Given advance notice, we can customize the length of the video and even include a specially customized video specific to your church, with a video introduction from me.

  • Prepare a special sermon about church planting.

If your sermon calendar allows, consider highlighting the importance of church planting in a standalone sermon in your weekend services. We’ve even created a sermon outline and additional resources to help start the hard work of sermon prep for you– download your choice of three Word Document outlines under “Sermons” here.

  • Share about Church Planting on Social Media.

If it’s too late to incorporate Church Planting Weekend into your worship services, consider adding Church Planting stories and information to your church’s social media content calendar. We know how hard it is to continuously create custom content for social media, so we have graphics, videos and photos about Church Planting Weekend ready to post on the converge website.

  • Take a special offering.

Did you know that last year we awarded $515,100 in church planting grants?  We are only able to do this because of the generosity of our churches.  If you would like to take a special offering, we can help you think through how to do it. You can also use and share  this link:  https://give.convergemidamerica.org/giving_campaign/38

We are here to serve you.  Let us know how we can help you celebrate Church Planting with us for this year’s Church Planting weekend.


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