5 Reasons a Pastor Needs a Coach

By Andrew Ford, Regional Director of Church Strengthening

Coaching is one of the key initiatives for the Converge MSC Church Strengthening Team. We believe no pastor should walk alone and that every pastor needs a coach. We have seen firsthand how God uses coaching to develop pastors. Here are five reasons why a pastor needs a coach – which one do you relate to most?

1. Forest and Trees

The old saying is true: Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. We’ve all been there, mired in the details up to our chest, and there are things we just can’t see. An outside voice can listen and ask questions that give you another perspective from an angle that you may not have considered.

2. You’re preparing for your next crisis.

Church crisis is always right around the corner and working with a coach strengthens leadership muscles that prepare you for what is next. Coaching through the smaller issues of ministry builds wisdom and confidence for when the bigger issues need to be worked through.

3. Dreaming & thinking often gets pushed to the edges.

Dreaming and creative thinking is the first thing to go in the week to week ministry regimen. Sunday comes once a week. We develop routines doing the next thing and even though we know we need to set aside time to think about the future, we put our head down and keep on working. Coaching sessions create margin and a framework for dreaming and creative thinking. Remember, good ideas germinate in an environment where questions are asked and other dependable voices are heard.

4. Doldrums and Drift

It may be seasonal (think January and February) or it may be that season of ministry, but no matter how the doldrums come, we find ourselves in place of drift. We settle in and turn the cruise control on. Before we know it, it’s August and we’re scrambling for the next season of ministry. Coaching proactively helps us anticipate the next season through course adjustments, bringing wind to our ministry sails.

5. You’ll grow as a leader.

It’s easy to get stuck as a leader, it’s hard to get unstuck. Coaching will help you recognize and understand your strengths and weaknesses as a leader. Insights will help you lean into your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. You’ll think clearer and your church will be served better.

At Converge MSC we believe that no pastor should walk alone and we would love to help you make a coaching connection. If you enter into a coaching relationship, here’s what you can expect:

  • We will connect you with a coach.
  • You will meet monthly for approximately one hour each session.
  • You and your coach set the terms and times.
  • Each session will seek to help you with a specific goal or area of improvement.
Click on the link to get a coach today.