21 Days of Prayer

Digital Campaign Ideas

  1. Choose a 21 Days of Prayer devotional book. Consider using the ebook version from Kindle or the App Store instead of hard copies. 
  2. Devote 4 to 6 weeks to this Discipleship Initiative.
  3. Preach a four to six-week sermon series on one of our 21 Days of Prayer devotional books:
    • Sermon #1 – Introduction to series and refer your congregation to the book. 
    • The next three sermons can be ideas from the book to reinforce it in the lives of your people. 
  4. Read Article – How to Create Momentum with your team and see how you can maximize your efforts. Schedule a Zoom meeting for discussion.
  5. Invite the church to pray missionally for their friends and family who are far from Jesus.
    • Have them generate a list of 5 friends or family to pray for during the 21 days.
  6. Invite the church to pray for a list of church-wide prayer goals.
    • Have your leadership team develop five to six prayer goals for the church for your members to pray for during the 21 days. Sample:
      • Pray for a revival to breakthrough our church.
      • Pray for a spiritual awakening to happen throughout our community.
      • Pray for the COVID-19 pandemic and those affected.
      • Pray for our pastoral staff that God would empower them (Ephesians 3:15).
      • Pray for the following cities as we seek to see a new church started there to see God’s kingdom expanded.
      • Pray for our missionaries that God will give them favor and effectiveness in their work (list them).
  7. Purchase the 21 Days of Prayer books in the app store on iPhone or Android, or purchase the Kindle version. 
  8. Consider hosting a weekly prayer gathering over Zoom or Facebook with your congregation.
  9. Consider having Gary Rohrmayer speak on a Sunday during your series. He can pre-record a message to include in your online services.
  10. Share your 21 Days of Prayer stories with us.

Books Available in Digital Format