21 Days of Discipleship

What is 21-Day Discipleship?

Dallas Willard wrote, “Non-discipleship is the elephant in the church.”

As I travel throughout our churches I am faced with the same question: “How are other churches making disciples?” In large or small churches, leaders are all asking the same question.

21 Day Discipleship is a process where the whole church engages in a transformation that delivers the treasures of doctrinal teaching through devotions.

Gary Rohrmayer, President of Converge MidAmerica

With the success of the 21 Days of Prayer campaigns and materials, we are now applying that principle to discipleship. A church devotes a month or four Sundays to a discipleship topic or doctrinal teachings such as Generosity, Evangelism, the Holy Spirit, or Bible Study. During this time, their people go through a 21-Day Devotional Guide to help them meet with God consistently while studying a discipleship topic or doctrinal subject as a congregation.

Currently, we have a few 21-Day Campaigns and books ready for your church use:

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21 Days of Discipleship